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2000s Rapper Rich Boy Still Behind Bars Following Incident Involving His Parents

Rich Boy was a promising young rapper in the ’00s co-signed by super producer Polow Da Don. His single “Throw Some D’s” currently has over 10 million streams on Spotify, and he’s got collaborations with Mario, YG, and Pitbull to his name. Unfortunately, fame did not favor the young star, and he fell off the map despite attempts at a follow-up. Rich Boy was recently in the news for some family drama, lets’s take a look at his career and what recently landed him in the headlines.

According to his bio, Rich Boy (born Marece Benjamin Richards) was a mechanical engineering student at Tuskegee University when his raps caught the attention of Polow Da Don. Polow was responsible for such hits as “Glamorous” by Fergie, “Promise” by Ciara, and “Buttons” from The Pussycat Dolls. Also a known hype man and rapper himself, Polow began to pour into Rich Boy, and their collaborations resulted in the 2007 hit “Throw Some D’s.” The song was such a massive hit that year that it scored remixes from Kanye West, Andre 3000, The Game, Lil Jon, Jim Jones, Nelly, and Travis Barker. Keri Hilson cameo’d in the video as well.

Success came at a price, and Rich Boy was eventually sued by a man claiming that he shot at his car in 2005. Rich Boy was ordered to pay $337,500 in connection to the shooting. Despite follow-up attempts in 2010, Rich Boy could not reach the same level of success, so he turned his sights towards trying to help other artists in 2013 with a local company in Mobile, AL, to offer recording services to talent in his hometown.

From there, Rich Boy has been quiet and off the radar until today. It is being reported that Rich Boy was arrested after a video began circulating of him stalking around shirtless with a giant pair of hedge clippers. It’s reported that the 39-year-old may have been in a fight with his parents and was booked on domestic violence, harassment, and domestic assault. He has not been bailed out yet, nor has his team released a statement. Those who have seen the video believe he may be struggling with some mental issues.

Rich Boy’s social media account has been inactive as well. His last post was August 27th. In the comments, many fans expressed concern for the rapper following the arrest.

John Davidson
John Davidson
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