24-Year-Old Mother Snaps, Takes The Lives Of Her Three Kids, Injuries Two During CPS Visit

A horrifying story is hitting the net this morning that has people completely in shock. A Texas mother snapped and brutally attacked her five children, claiming the lives of three in the process. Even more devastating, she did it during a Child Protective Services visit.

25-year-old Shamaiya Deyonshana Hall is currently in custody after the unthinkable attack on her own children. Hall has a lengthy criminal record which included theft and assault with a deadly weapon. The local Fox News in Dallas showed four previous mug shots, making it clear that Hall had a troubled past. It is unclear why Child Protective Services was present in her home, but the reports state that at some time during the visit, they made a phone call and issued an emergency order to remove all five children from Hall’s care.

It is said that Hall began assaulting the kids following this call, and by the time the police arrived she had fatally stabbed her three oldest, a 6-year-old boy and 5-year-old twins, male and female. A 4-year-old boy and a 13-month-old baby girl were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. CPS released a statement saying, “We are shocked by this incomprehensible tragedy and already working with law enforcement to investigate how this happened and why.”

Hall lived with her five children in Italy, TX, about 40 miles outside of Dallas. It’s reported that she lived across the street from a school. A neighbor opened up about the scene, saying that helicopters arrived and were circling the area. The woman, Teresa Eveland, says she had just seen the kids a day prior going to school and could not believe what had happened to them.

“I watched those babies go to school the day before. The little one was holding the hands of the two twins. She walked him across the road, and I thought, ‘how cute.’ You know, the mom has taught her to help take care of and watch out for her siblings,” said Eveland. Eveland has custody of her niece, who attended school with Hall’s children. The child is reportedly distraught and full of questions. “She said I don’t know how a mom could do that. They’re supposed to protect their children,” Eveland said.

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