Prosecutors Ignored 4 Crucial Pieces Of Evidence In Shanquella Robinson’s Case, No Charges Filed

Today it was announced prosecutors will not seek charges in Shanquella Robinson’s case due to lack of evidence.

Justice for Shanquella Robinson seems to be moving further and further away. Today, news broke that no charges will be pressed in her case despite so much evidence being available online. People are shocked and trying to figure out what exactly is missing to bring her travel mates in to pay for what they did to her. Five crucial pieces of evidence have been present online since her October passing. However, they do not seem to be enough to aid in making things right for the Robinson family.

Viral Video Of Shanquella Robinson Being Attacked Leaked Weeks Following Her Death

The most damning piece of evidence in the whole case and the thing that brought Shanquella Robinson national attention was, of course, the video of her being assaulted by another female. The viral clip showed Robinson helplessly being attacked by larger women while the other travel mates looked on. At one point, Robinson is encouraged to fight back and can be heard saying that she could not. The clip made its rounds on the internet and was later confirmed to be taken a day before Robinson had reportedly collapsed from alcohol poisoning.

Shanquella Robinson’s Mother Spoke With Each ‘Friend’ From The Trip

The people present with Shanquella on the trip reportedly tried to cover up the fight and the real reason for her collapse. They told her mother that they were unable to take her to a hospital due to needing cash, something Robinson’s mother claims she had plenty of. Shaquella’s mother has played a crucial role in the case as she has been poking holes in the travel mates’ stories since day one.

According to her mom, Shanquella’s “friends” returned to North Carolina without her and immediately began visiting her family to “grieve” and help plan for the funeral. Her mother would later receive an anonymous call from someone claiming that the “friends” beat her daughter up just days before the video went viral. Shortly after that, she says the friends stopped visiting her or answering her calls.

Medical Professional Who Arrived At The Villa Provided Evidence

Medical professionals who arrived at the vacation villa to assist Shanquella after her companions finally alerted authorities claimed she was still alive when they got there. While initial reports state she passed 15 mins after help got there, medical examiners confirmed that someone was in the house for about three hours trying to revive her.

The doctor tried to take Robinson to a hospital and noted that she seemed dehydrated and drunk. The friends would not let her remove Robinson and insisted she just needed an IV. Her cause of death was later confirmed to be “severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation,” which many think is in line with injuries she would have sustained from the fight in the video.

Mexican Prosecutor Issued An Arrest Warrant

Mexican prosecutors listed her cause of death as “femicide,” which is a term used in Mexico for murders tied to a woman’s gender. All of the friends involved in the trip have since gone quiet, with news outlets failing to reach any of them. The prosecutor also issued an arrest warrant for the person responsible for Shanquella Robinson’s passing.

Despite all of this evidence, today, it was decided that no charges would be filed in Shanquella Robinson’s case. According to local news, “Federal prosecutors informed Ms. Robinson’s family today that the available evidence does not support a federal prosecution.” The family and their lawyer held a press conference shortly after and are pushing to get the White House involved in the case.

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