4-Year-Old Preschooler Opens Fire On 1-Year-Old Brother After Discovering Pistol Inside Houston Home

The state of Texas continues to be at the center of gun control issues.

Another child has been shot, this time at the hands of his older brother. Both children are under five years old. How did the toddler get his hands on a pistol in the first place?

The shooter, only four years old, found an unsecured weapon in the house. It is said he unintentionally aimed and shot at his 1-year-old brother. Luckily the 1-year-old did not sustain any life-threatening injuries. The gun reportedly belonged to a relative who was staying with the family, according to an uncle who was present. Another child, 7, was present for the shooting but remained uninjured.

The child’s father said that his son liked to play with toy guns and was likely unaware that he had got his hands on the real thing. He refused to be on camera, but local ABC News noted how upset he was that someone had left a weapon unattended in his house.

All of this took place in Houston, which was the site of another child shooting that took place only two months ago. In that instance, a three-year-old shot and killed her four-year-old sister. Despite five adults being present in the home, the girls were left unattended and got hold of the loaded weapon.

According to new outlets, The 3-year-old gained access to a loaded, semi-automatic pistol. Family members heard a single gunshot. They ran into the room and found the small toddler, four years old, unresponsive.”

While Texas seems to have it the worst, it is not the only place with this issue. In Sacramento, CA, a three-year-old boy accidentally shot himself. His father was later arrested for illegal storage of a firearm and child endangerment.

CBS News reported, “According to the nonprofit organization Everytown for Gun Safety, there have been 68 unintentional shootings resulting in 29 deaths and 40 injuries among children under the age of 18 in 2023.” Everytown also lists several organizations aimed and helping better educate people on gun storage and how to keep them away from children.

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