50 Cent Claims He Knows A Man In Music Industry Diddy Has Slept With, Reveals His Name

Another day, another headline about Sean “Diddy” Combs and his sexuality.

The Bad Boy mogul has been at the center of gay rumors since the ’90s, and in the age the of “Youtube journalists,” it is an easy topic to explore with anyone who was around to witness his antics.

50 Cent reportedly had some knowledge of a man who was intimate with Diddy, and DJ Vlad got G-Unit rapper Tony Yayo to shed some light on the story.

DJ Vlad recalls 50 Cent making a comment about Diddy during an interview with The Breakfast Club. Despite listening back several times, he claimed to not clearly understand what Puff was saying. He asked Tony Yayo if he could clarify what 50 was talking about and what information he knew about Diddy and James Cruz.

Yayo uncomfortably recalled the story and quoted 50 Cent saying, “James Cruz f’d Diddy,” before laughing and saying that he did not believe it was true.

“You know 50, just say crazy sh**. We know it ain’t true,” Yayo recalled. DJ Vlad says that 50 Cent and James Cruz always had a tough relationship. YaYo says he just thinks that 50 is not a fan of James and has screamed at him in the past.

James Cruz is a Grammy-winning audio engineer from New York. He got started in 2002 and has worked with everyone in the industry. In recent years, he has been on several of the Youtube circuits, telling his stories about the hip-hop glory days as well.

DJ Vlad says that he, too, has had issues with James Cruz. YaYo says that he also had a bad experience with Cruz too. “There’s a lot of crazy James Cruz stories,” Tony concluded. Fans in the comments do not think the James/Diddy story is a lie. “50 was dead ass serious. And telling the truth,” said one person.

Stories about Diddy liking men and trans women have been around forever but never been proven. Former security personnel has discussed Diddy purchasing gay toys, with some sites speculating that he had intimate relationships with JaRule and Usher.

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