50 Cent Reveals How Much Money His Son, Marquise Jackson and His Mother Received After 18 Years Of Child Support

50 Cent and his estranged son Marquise Jackson have been going back and forth in the media for years. The hip-hop and television mogul had disowned his son after claiming the boy and his mother were too “entitled” to his millions. Marquise has clapped back over the years and taunted his father. Most recently, the boy revealed how much he and his mother got a month in child support.

50 Cent and his first baby mother, Shaniqua Tompkins, dated for four years before his big break. During that time, they welcomed their only child together, Marquise Jackson. Shaniqua claims that there was some physical abuse during their time together, and she quickly got away from 50 Cent, but he still had a relationship with their son. Once 50 Cent’s music career took off, Marquise appeared in music videos and was a big part of his brand early on.

Shaniqua spoke out on this and claimed 50 was using their boy for publicity but did not love the child. Despite this, he still took care of the boy and his mother, putting them in a million-dollar home in Long Island, NY. The house would eventually go up in flames conveniently, a day after 50 and Shaniqua got into it about her moving her new boyfriend in. Tompkins claimed the whole ordeal was done on purpose and took 50 Cent to court.

She claimed and 50, born Curtis Jackson, vowed to take care of her for life and demanded $50 million. The case was thrown out of court. The judge argued that the two were 21 years old and unemployed when 50 Cent made that promise. “It is incredible that two then-unemployed, penniless, 21-year-olds would make such an oral contract,” the judge said.

Marquise would later inherit his mother’s opinion of his father and turn his back on him. He has admitted to being deeply traumatized by the fire in Long Island and claims that he and his mother had to start over with nothing. 50 Cent reportedly paid them $6700 a month in child support, which Marquise argued was not enough to survive in New York City. He claims he and his mother had limited options of where to live due to his father having so many enemies.

When social media caught wind of this, they immediately clowned Marquise for not realizing how tone-deaf his statement was. He fired back with a post of him spelling out the word “entitled” with $100 bills and offering to pay his father back the $6700 if he could spend a day with him.

In the past, 50 Cent has opened up about the child support he paid for Marquise. He claims that he put over 1.36 million in an account that was disbursed monthly to take care of him. Unfortunately, 50 Cent says the boy has a terrible combination of being entitled but feeling deprived, and there’s nothing he can do about it. 50 Cent said he used to blame Marquise’s mother but now realizes that his son just does not like him.

Once 50 Cent’s son turned 18, the rapper cut him off completely. 50 Cent began counting down to the day Marquise turned 18 with an Instagram post. In the caption, the rapper stated, “Man real life is gonna start sooners then you think. Sad part is I wish you well, good #shanquagetsajob,” telling his mother to get a job as well. Since then Marquis and his mother have not received another penny from 50 Cent.

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