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61-Year-Old Man Trending On Twitter After Marrying His 18-Year-Old Goddaughter, Used To Date Her Mother

Florida gets a bad rep due to some of the outrageous stories that come out of the state. It is so infamous for its unbelievable headlines that a lot of times, people question if they’re reading a joke. Well, the latest story to come out of Florida is undoubtedly a head-scratcher. A 61-year-old man has gone viral after it was revealed he married his 18-year-old goddaughter. The two took to social media to defend their union.

Michael Haugabook married his wife Deja the day following her 18th birthday. He has been in her life since she was a baby and briefly dated her mother before marrying Deja. The initial tweet that shot the couple into the public eye reported some misinformation about the pair, giving the wrong age for Michael and also accusing him of grooming Deja since she was 14. “You guyssss!!! This girl is 18 and she just married her Godfather who used to date her mom. He’s 46 or 47,” the tweet said. “They have a 2-year-old daughter and he has 3 other kids. He’s been “dating” and grooming her since she was 14. I’m sick to my stomach.”

Some were able to get Michael’s exact age after finding a police report from 2014 that says he was 54, meaning he should be 61 this year. People began pulling up pictures and information on the pair, including a side by side of Michael holding Deja when she was an infant and an image of their wedding photo. “Be careful who you let your kids around. They might marry them” said one person. There are several posts on Facebook of Michael referring to Deja as his goddaughter, including one where she was 14 and apparently “missing.” “If anyone seen my goddaughter please contact me.”

Michael however is not amused with the attention and believes young women are jealous. In his own posts, he asks if he is the only person around to marry a younger woman before accusing girls of being envious of his wife. Deja was not too happy either, taking to live to defend her love. She called out people for saying she is not mature enough and fired back, saying that boys her age are even less mature and she prefers to be with someone who has their stuff together.

Meanwhile, her mother posted her own video about the situation. Her birth mother claims that Deja does not remember being raised by her because she was [slanging] and Deja was taken away. She then goes on to mock Deja’s relationship, wondering what the kids call Deja. “Are you their stepmother or their godmother? or their cousin?” she asks.Hilariously, rapper Kodak Black chimed in, saying that the same thing happened to him. He claims his father ran off when his goddaughter when Black was only nine years old. Listen to their response to the backlash below.

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