6 colors can be seen in one waterfall

You have seen more or less the patterns of how diverse nature is. Seeing the beauty of the world may not be the end of one’s life. But that is beautiful; But it is difficult! You may have seen waterfalls in different parts of the world! But have you ever seen a waterfall that is the same color as the rainbow? Seen from a distance, it would seem that the colors have been scattered. As you may know, Antarctica has a waterfall called Blood Falls. Blood is flowing through the middle of the white snow mountain around. Many people gather there to see this wonderful sight.

Colombia has six such waterfalls. This is the most beautiful waterfall in the world. For this feature it is called ‘River of Color’ or ‘Liquid Rainbow’. However, such a form is not always seen. Only in the rainy season can tourists enjoy the true beauty of the waterfall. Tourists get to see this beauty for 5 months from July to November. According to the locals, if you go around the waterfall after the storm, you can enjoy its true beauty.

When you see the waterfall, it will feel as if heaven has descended to earth. The waterfall is located in Canoe Crystals, Colombia. The chirping of birds and the call of wild animals keep the waterfall alive. The waterfall, which originates from the hill, flows up to 100 km. It is normal at other times of the year but changes its form during the rainy season. Its bottom is covered with red herbs and other fluids. The water of the waterfall is so clear that the algae, yellow sand and black stones of the rocks below can be seen. And these together have different colors like a rainbow.

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