90s Rapper Yo-Yo Details Relationship With Tupac

Tupac Shakur continues to be a topic of conversation long after his passing. The West Coast icon was lost on September 13th, 1996, leaving behind an incredible legacy and a lot of hearsay about his life. One of the biggest mysteries surrounding Tupac was the women in his life. While actress Jada Pinkett Smith has been candid about their history, not many other women have come forward with stories about Tupac. That is except for 90’s rapper Yo-Yo. She has been speaking out more over the years and wants people to know about her and Tupac’s romance and friendship.

Yo-Yo has told several stories through the years about her and Tupac. She was famously by his side in the hospital when he was being treated following the incident that eventually took his life. According to Yo-Yo, everyone thought he was going to pull through that day. “I just knew that Pac was going to survive,” she told Billboard in 2020. Unfortunately, Yo-Yo was wrong and Pac passed shortly after she left the hospital. She claims this is something that haunted her because she would have never left his side if she knew he was not going to make it.

According to Yo-Yo, what most attracted her to Pac was his love for his family and community. The 90s rapper recalls at the time he was one of the only men who loved so openly and honestly and it made her fall for him. During a discussion with Jazmyn Summers, Yo-Yo recalls how she and Pac “found each other” and fell in love while on the road. Yo-Yo loved hearing Pac’s stories and seeing how freely he loved his mother and shared his feelings. “He wasn’t perfect, nor was he trying to be,” she said with a smile. “He wasn’t afraid to talk about his community, his parents, stuff that people don’t what to hear about. Stuff people don’t want to talk about. People don’t want to talk about their truth. That kind of love he had for truth made me love him more.”

Yo-Yo understood she was with a superstar and admits that she probably was not the only woman. The Love & Hip Hop star remembered how charming and charismatic Pac was, even joking that he was probably sleeping with her friends too. “He [probably] had many loves that were not famous. He was an authentic person who loved sincerely and gave you a piece of him you’d remember,” Yo-Yo told Summers.

During their discussion, Yo-Yo recalls how she took her sister out on the road with them. While her mentor Ice Cube had a no parties rule, Yo-Yo says that Tupac would frequently sneak her sister out while on the road to go party. She would wake up to them missing and frantically begin paging them, worried that something might happen to her sister because she was responsible for her.

The conversation later shifted to Yo-Yo’s intimate moments with Tupac. Jazmyn asks “Don’t judge me but the ladies want to know. How was Tupac? How was the eggplant?” Yo-Yo laughs and brushes the question off saying “nobody wants to know that!” When Jazmyn insists saying that women want to live vicariously through her, Yo-Yo finally gives in remarking “it was organic lets just say that. It wasn’t from the farmers market.”

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