A 6-year-old woman lives alone in this wonderful lake

8-year-old Lubov Morkhodova wants to spend her leisure time as her own. The old woman lives alone in a icy area. He lives in Baikal, the deepest lake in the world. This woman is a retired technical engineer. The brave woman has been living alone since her husband died in 2011. But he does not claim to be alone. His life was cut short by taking care of various animals including dogs, cats, chickens, bulls and cows.

At dawn he went out to feed the cows, calves and bulls. Take them to the mountains and feed them. Lubov has been an expert in skating since he was 6 years old. So he skated in the snow. After retiring to take care of animals and birds, Lubov likes to do embroidery and other crafts. Besides, he is also interested in drawing and writing. A few of his stories were awarded in local competitions.

Although lonely all year round, Lubov’s grandchildren visit him in the summer. Although the family has repeatedly wanted to take him out of this environment; But Lubov refused to go. He said he enjoys the icy environment of Siberia. He said, ‘I fell in love with Lake Baikal. Its beauty always drives me crazy. The joy of living here may not be expressed in words. Its water tastes incomparable.

Lake Baikal is known as Siberian Blue Eyes or Siberian Pearl. Lake Baikal is a freshwater lake in southern Siberia, Russia. The area of ​​the lake is about 31 thousand square kilometers. It is the deepest lake in the world. Its maximum depth is 1,838 meters. More than 300 rivers have flooded the lake.

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