A List Of Popular Celebrity Men Who’s Been Rumored Of Getting Lipo

When you think of the cosmetic surgical process known as liposuction, many automatically think of women getting the procedure. As it pertains to celebrities, not many are apt to admit that they’ve gotten fat removed from their body by a cosmetic surgeon. However, the ones that have done so are primarily women. Many have been either accused of receiving lipo or confessed to doing so, and you’d be surprised at how many men are on the list.

For example, Kanye West. Who would have guessed it, right? But the Chicago rapper visited TMZ Live, where he began one of his infamous rants. Within his statements, Ye admitted to a time when he was “addicted to opioids.” In addition, the controversial rapper confessed to receiving liposuction in order to prevent people and publications like TMZ from labeling him “fat,” using Rob Kardashian as an example.

Another shocking admission came from legendary NYC Hip-Hop DJ Funkmaster Flex. The Hot 97 DJ took to Instagram in December with a since-deleted upload informing his followers that he kicked his weight loss up a notch by getting liposuction on his “lower stomach, armpit sides, and back fat.” Additionally, he shared a video of the procedure with his social media followers.

Then there’s Drake, one of the world’s top artists. The Toronto rapper has shared pictures of his toned physique over the years, bringing rumors and speculations that he’s gotten lip to achieve the look. Other rappers, including Pusha T and Joe Budden, have implied that their foe has gotten the procedure done in their respective diss tracks against him. Even famous plastic surgeon Dr. Miami recently suggested the rapper went under the knife for his abs in a recent TikTok made to defend Megan Thee Stallion and affirm his “Hottie” status. However, Drake has never confirmed the rumors. But who else has admitted is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The famous actor confessed that in 2005, he received liposuction in his chest with a procedure called “gynecomastia” to remove excess fat in the male chest.

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