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A Look At Porsha Williams’ Time On Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Looks like this upcoming season of Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of Atlanta is going to have one less peach. Porsha Williams has just announced that she is exiting the popular show following her nine-season stint. Fans of Porsha Williams were notified of her exit when she posted the announcement of her departure to her Instagram page on Thursday, September 30th. “After ten life-changing, gratifying, incredible years, it is finally time to begin my next chapter,” Porsha Williams wrote in the post’s caption. “Next season, I will not be returning to the Real Housewives of Atlanta franchise.

Before thanking the network and the show’s creator. the reality star added, “This was a difficult decision to not only make but also come to terms with. It’s one I have put a lot of thought into and because of that, I know it’s the right one.” Rumors of Porsha’s exit from the Real Housewives franchise had been circulating for weeks. An insider claimed to Page Six that Williams had given thought to leave the show in the past after years of tension between herself and some other castmates, particularly Kenya Moore. However, the insider insisted that if Porsha Williams decided to leave the show, Moore would not be the reason, rather, she had “a lot more going on in her life.”Another source stated that Porsha was still “in communication with the network” for her peach to be intact for the upcoming season. However, with Porsha’s latest announcement confirming the rumors to be true, fans have begun to voice their disappointment.

Fans of the show have grown to know and love Porsha Williams since her introduction to the Season 5 cast in 2012. Through the years, we watched her maneuver through her first marriage to Kordell Stewart, which ultimately ended in divorce in 2013. We also witnessed Porsha Williams show her miseducation of the Underground Railroad during a visit with the cast to a historical landmark. While a tour guide gave them information and historical context on the Underground Railroad, Porsha Williams famously commented, “Well, there has to be an opening for a railroad at some point. because somebody’s driving the train. It’s not electric like what we have now.” The cast, as well as the viewers, were left noticeably shocked.

We also were able to experience Porsha Williams’s pregnancy journey with her daughter, Pilar Jhena. At the time, Williams was engaged to Dennis McKinley and their relationship, along with all of its ups and downs, was documented with Bravo TV’s cameras. Porsha would also engage in various altercations with cast members like Kandi Burruss and Kenya Moore. While all of the cast’s friendships would eventually be tested, it appeared that the relationship between Porsha, Moore, and Burruss, would continually become strained.

Porsha also provided some memorable Quotables for the show, including the now-viral meme of her saying “Who Said That?”. Williams was seemingly feeling guilty due to her involvement in a rumor pertaining to Kandi, which was brought up by fellow cast member Marlo Hampton.

Who could forget the explosive reunion show altercation between Kandi and former cast member, Phaedra Parks, at the conclusion of season 9? A salacious rumor was seemingly started by Parks, and from there, “Frick and Frack” (Parks and Williams) ran along with it, causing damage to Kandi’s mental and potential damage to her business. Once the pieces of the puzzle were put together at the reunion, all hell eventually broke loose!

During the season six reunion show, the tensions between Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore took a turn for the worst and actually got physical. Moore brought a bullhorn to the show and continued to antagonize Williams, which would eventually push Porsha to attack Moore on the reunion stage by dragging her hair and pulling her down to the ground.

The show was not always centered around drama as it pertained to Porsha. The reality star also showcased her activist side as she attended various protests around the nation in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, with some ending in her arrest. This, however, would not stop Porsha’s involvement in protesting and further activism. The New York Times would even go on to highlight Porsha’s involvement in the fight for social injustice.

With Porsha now exiting the show, she can continue to pursue her other endeavors, including her own possible reality show. Porsha also announced earlier this year that she was leaving her job at Dish Nation. Check out some of her funniest moments on RHOA below.

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