A Look Back At Rapper Iggy Azelea’s Evolution

Depending on who you ask, Iggy Azalea is body goals. The rapper’s looks have no doubt evolved over the years. But an image that is allegedly from her past has surfaced, and fans are questioning if Iggy Azalea has gone too far in her glow-up. Sydney, Australia-born rapper Iggy Azalea, (real name Amethyst Kelly) migrated to the United States to pursue her dreams of making it big in the entertainment industry. Before becoming a rapper, Iggy’s initial dream was to make it big in the modeling realm.

In an interview with Billboard, the “Fancy” rapper touched on her modeling dreams which she says started around the early 2000s. At a young age, Iggy Azalea would experiment with makeup on herself and send them to various modeling agencies in the hopes that she would be represented by one of them. However, at the time none of the agencies responded to her, leaving her “offended.” In 2011, things began to change for Iggy. Her debut mixtape Ignorant Art was released to positive reviews from music critics. The buzz would only begin to increase once she signed to a major label. With the release of her debut album The New Classic in 2014, Iggy Azalea was on her way to becoming a bonafide superstar.

But along with the conversation of Iggy Azalea’s music were the louder talks of her image. After all, she was a female white rapper who began to take over the charts with a body similar to many other artists in hip hop who naturally have her looks. With that, many began to question whether Iggy’s had anything altered. For one, Iggy Azalea has been long accused her getting work done. This claim, however, she denies. Attempting to put the rumors to bed once and for all, Iggy Azalea declared on Australian radio station Hit105’s ” Stav, Abby & Matt with Osher” show, “No I don’t have bum implants!”

If anything, Iggy Azalea is unashamed in what procedures she has actually gotten done. In a 2015 interview with Vogue, the rapper revealed that she had just recently had a procedure to improve her cup size. As for why she decided to get the augmentation, Iggy told Ellen Degeneres on her talk show that she did not necessarily “need” the surgery. “There was nothing wrong with me,” the rapper expressed. “I think it’s a personal choice and anybody, man or woman, [they] should be able to make an informed decision. And if you want to change something, then that’s up to you.”

Although Iggy has been accused of having pretty everything done at some point, she has admitted to rhinoplasty work. Azalea admitted to having nose work done in an issue of Seventeen, saying that denying it would be “lame.” The rapper also went in-depth as to why she made the decision and embarked on the “tough journey” to change her appearance over the years. She confessed in the issue that it’s not easy to “live with your flaws and accept yourself, and it’s no easy feat to change yourself.” She further went on to explain that what she did not like about herself, she changed through surgery while what she did not change she simply “learned to accept.”

Now that we’ve embarked on The End Of An Era for Iggy Azalea, fans of hers have the opportunity to see her on the road for one last time. However, while she’s on this journey in her life, a photo of Iggy, earlier days has surfaced. This picture shows a very different-looking version of Iggy Azalea before she became “Fancy” and decided to upgrade to whom she now declares to be the “Strip Club.” See for yourself below.

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