Actor and Comedian Chris Tucker Agrees To Film Final Friday Movie After Years Of Rejecting The Role, According To DC YoungFly

The road to a final Friday film has been paved with very little progress in the 20 years since Friday After Next dropped. Ice Cube and company have put up a strong fight to bring the franchise to a close but have been hitting issues with the studio for years since they refuse to approve the script. In that time, the star-studded cast lost several of its key characters, including John Witherspoon, Tommy Lister Jr, Anthony Johnson, Bernie Mac, and Yvette Wilson. One person still alive and well and in high demand for the final film if it ever gets made? Chris Tucker, of course. While Tucker has only been in the original film, fans have maintained hope alive that he will make his grand return for the final installment.

Friday was a passion project by Ice Cube and DJ Pooh. The men wanted a more lighthearted take on South Central Los Angeles and got Warner Bros. to fund the project. While the budget was not huge, they were still able to pull off a successful shoot and an even bigger release. Friday was super successful and, in the years since, has become a cult classic. With the increased spotlight on everyone, the desire for more money and bigger opportunities came around when it was time to shoot a sequel. Chris Tucker famously stepped away, leaving his comic relief role wide open. Mike Epps would step in and take his place as Ice Cube’s cousin.

Tucker said at the time that the film’s focus on weed went against his belief system. In reality, he got an even bigger opportunity to star opposite Jackie Chan in Rush Hour. The film was a box office success and helped Tucker pocked millions in the process. Tucker never looked back, and many were sure we’d never see him and Ice Cube recreate their iconic chemistry from the first film.

With so much nostalgia and hype for a closing chapter, fans have been hoping Tucker would finally come back to the franchise. It would be a welcoming way to wrap up the storyline, especially with so many of its original stars gone. While Ice Cube said they floated a storyline about Craig and Day-Day trying to break out of prison, other people have speculated that a “final” film with actually serve as a passing of the torch as Ice Cube’s son actor O’Shea Jackson Jr. shifts into the lead. His sidekick? DC Young Fly.

The Wild N Out star has been known for his impression of Chris Tucker. During a recent interview, he talked about how the idea was floated of him and O’Shea playing Chris Tucker and Ice Cube’s sons. According to Young Fly, this storyline is the only way Tucker would return to the franchise. He told Shannon Sharpe earlier this year, “Chris Tucker out his mouth told me literally this year! He said if I play his son, he’ll be in the movie. I promise you, out his mouth! This is what he said to me. He said, ‘If you play my son, I’ll be in the movie.'”

Chris Tucker has yet to confirm this information. However, many fans do believe Chris Tucker would be needed for the final installment with so many of the cast members no longer here. Most recently, Ice Cube revealed he’s been battling Warner Bros over the final movie. Ice Cube claims the only way he’d be able to make another Friday is if he changes the name of the movie and the characters. With Warner Bros owning the movie, Ice Cube can not use the characters or the name without running into legal issues. Many fans have suggested changing the name of the movie to ‘Saturday’ but insists all the characters need to return.

No word on if we’ll get another Friday movie, but Ice Cube has been working behind the scenes diligently to make it happen. Only time will tell.

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