Actor Cory Hardrict Claims Wife Tia Mowry Gets On His Nerves After 15 Years Of Marriage, Tia Responds In Resurfaced Video

This week, we’ve seen some high-profile couples call it quits. From Miguel and Nazanin Mandi to Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen. Tia Mowry-Hardrict and her husband Cory Hardrict is another one that shocked many. While the couple has maintained a pretty low profile while they sort out their split and co-parenting situation, fans are eager to uncover what might have gone wrong between the duo, who had been together for over 15 years. 

Tia and Cory Hardrict were a Hollywood love story. Meeting on a film set in 1999, the duo remained friends for years while Cory struggled to find his footing as an actor. Eventually, they began dating in 2006 and tied the knot in 2008. The couple has been very public about their union and talked about the up and downs of marriage in a handful of interviews and reality shows they were featured on. 

Fans of those shows have noticed characteristics about the pair that seem to allude to issues that might have broken them up. For instance, Tia was already a massive star when she met Cory, who was living in Inglewood and working odd jobs to make ends meet. Eventually, he would land some roles and is currently a lead on All American: Homecoming. Despite his success, Cory never reached the same heights as his wife or her famous family, and some think this is something that weighs on him.

The actor often looks uninterested and irritated in family videos, TikTok, and interviews. Fans online often refer to him as “Tia’s husband” and seem to think he’s been living off his famous wife. “Not surprised at all. I watched their reality show, and Cory was always sour. He didn’t look like a husband who was in love with his wife. I always thought Tia deserved better,” said one fan. Another said, “Honestly, good for Tia. Cory always comes off “too cool for school” and shows a lack of enthusiasm all the time. Watching her reality show, it used to bug me that he seemed annoyed with her.” 

Fans especially point to a Black Love interview featuring the couple in which Cory appeared extra annoyed with Tia. He asks her at one point under his breath to “let him finish” while they discuss how hard marriage is. He then says [Tia] gets on his damn nerves, to which she responds, “you get on MY nerves.” They laugh it off, but it’s clear there is some tension. “The way Cory checked Tia on ‘black Love’ was cringe-worthy. #ToxicMasculinity,” said one person. 

Other fans believe that despite any awkward interviews, Cory and Tia seemed happy, and they wish they could have reconciled. “Wow! Just read that Tia Mowry filed for divorce from Cory Hardrict. No one saw that coming. They are/were such a beautiful display of Black love & a beautiful family. But of course, you never know what’s happening behind closed doors, which is why you can’t judge anyone.” 

Tia released an IG statement letting fans know of the split, while Cory has only spoken out against claims he’s cheated but has otherwise remained quiet. 

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