Actor Darius McCrary and Comedian Luenell Planning To Release Only Fans Video Together

Hollywood is full of some odd pairs. File Darius McCrary and Luenell’s friendship as one of them. The actors recently got together for dinner and shared their hilarious chemistry as they teased their followings with an upcoming collaboration on Only Fans.  Darius McCrary “didn’t realize” he and Luenell had gone live during their dinner date on Sunday, October 2nd. When he finally gets the camera angle right, you can see him sitting at a table digging into his plate while Luenell walks back and forth in the background with a headscarf.

#stillsomethingtosingabout 🎼 #Eating ain’t #cheating .. 🎶” he said in the caption. “Ya’ll better learn how to get like. Learn how to give a good foot rub. This good foot rub has done some amazing things for me this Sunday,” he said to the camera. Luenell can be heard in the background yelling, “tell them how good my cooking is.” Darius McCrary is currently in a relationship which many fans mentioned in the comments. However, according to Luenell and Darius they have been friends for many years. They also have shared many intimate moments like cuddling in bed, but never took it all the way there.

The silly pair begin a back and forth that sounds like flirting as Luenell says, “not only do I got gritty feet, but I cook good too.” Darius declares, “baby, you know whenever you cook for me, what it do to me.” Darius says that Luenell is not contrived because she was not trying to “trap him” with a meal. “I wasn’t even cooking for him!” she yelled off camera. “He happened to catch me on a weekend I cook.” Luenell says that she only cooks on weeks that she is home and began to plug her upcoming tour dates, which included Jacksonville, Florida, Birmingham, Alabama, and Atlantic City. “Well, this all I need,” declared Darius. 

The pair have a clear chemistry that fans could not get enough of. Darius and Luenell thanked fans for having their initial foot rub video go viral and having it posted on The Shade Room. The comedian then began to discuss plans with her OnlyFans account claiming she just linked her bank account and plans to start the launch the account soon. Once the account is set up, Luenell already has plans to have Darius rub butter on her feet in one video.

“It’s going to be super sexy. I think I’m going to take my shirt off when I do this,” declared Darius. The duo continues to flirt while Luenell rubs his face off camera. He makes sure to let fans know they are just friends who sleep together occasionally. “Darius, that don’t sound right!” Luenell yells before the duo continues their silly banter. 

As Darius begins to spill too much information, Luenell tells the actor to put some food in his mouth. Luenell then went on to clear the air that the actor has not been in her bed in a very long time. Both individuals agreed their friendship is innocent followed by Luenell insisting they have never took it completely there despite being intimate. Throughout the video, Darius McCrary continued to make jokes about their relationship doing his own version of John Legend’s song ‘All of Me’. Would you be here for a Darius McCrary and Luenell Only Fans collaboration? Check out the full video.

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