Actor Jamie Foxx Details The Journey Of Being A Father To Two Daughters

Jamie Foxx is winning in life. He’s had success with comedy, with multiple stand-up specials. As a singer, Jamie Foxx has released multiple multi-platinum albums and singles, including the 2009 T-Pain-assisted single “Blame It.” Perhaps some of Foxx’s greatest success in his career has been as an actor, starring in his own television show, to many huge films. Foxx’s career has led him to win many awards, including a Grammy, a Golden Globe, and an Oscar. But Jamie Foxx’s biggest accomplishments in his life do not come in the form of accolades or his works, but it would be his two daughters.

Fatherhood began in 1994 for Jamie Foxx when his first daughter, Corrine Bishop, was born. The Ray actor would be a father once again in 2009 when his daughter, Annalise, was born. Corrine, who also adapted the “Foxx” last name, is following in her father’s footsteps as an actor and producer. Her mother, Connie, was a former partner to Jamie Foxx and is reportedly an Air Force Veteran. She’s appeared Being the father of two girls pushed Jamie Foxx to author the book, Act Like You Got Some Sense: And Other Things My Daughters Me. Foxx’s youngest daughter, Annalise, was born to his former girlfriend Kristin Grannis.

The relationship between Jamie Foxx and his daughters has been ever-present over the years. Foxx has taken his daughters on red carpets and various events, showcasing their closeness. Corrine has openly spoken about her father, telling Page Six that he is one of the “funniest people alive.” She also highlighted how “embarrassing” it was to grow up as the daughter of Jamie Foxx. At times, boys that she held an interest in would often be intimidated by him. She also accused her father of wearing very tight clothing when she was a teenager, which would make her feel ashamed of him.

Regardless of the embarrassment that Corrine has faced throughout her journey of being the daughter of superstar Jamie Foxx, she has nothing but great things to say about her father. While talking to CBS This Morning, Corrine shared that her father is extremely “charismatic,” but he’s “over the top” and draws attention to himself. Their beautiful dynamic has been evident since Jamie brought his daughter as his date to the Oscars, and the love has continued to display itself publicly. Jamie also brought his daughter Annalise on stage to help him present an award at the American Music Awards.

If there is one thing that’s for sure about Jamie Foxx, he takes pride in being a girl dad. The actor constantly speaks highly of his daughters and loves to educate them and give them unforgettable life experiences. “We gotta prop [daughters] up,” said the actor to SiriusXM’s The Mike Muse Show, saying it’s essential for his daughters to see women in high places. 

And as far as finding a suitable stepmother for his daughters, Foxx is not looking for that as he’s not looking to be married any time soon. The actor told Daily Pop that he didn’t think that marriage or the “cookie-cutter lifestyle” was for him. Looking to protect his daughters from a broken marriage and what that could do for a home, Foxx said that his decision not to marry helped them come closer. He also told Oprah in an interview that being unmarried did not mean that he was not looking for love or someone to care for.

During an interview with Essence, Foxx revealed that his daughter never spoke to him out of line until that instance where he tried to tell her about love. According to the actor, his daughter Corrine was having relationship issues while on vacation in Hawaii. So to comfort her, Jamie Foxx spoke with her about the kind of boyfriend she needed, in which she responded to him, “What do you know about love, Dad? You have two different daughters with two different women!” Her response left Jamie Foxx’s mouth on the floor since he had never heard his daughter speak to him in that manner. In response, Foxx explained to his daughter how both life and relationships are imperfect, but he will always be there for her regardless of his life decisions. 

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