Actor Jamie Foxx Ex-Girlfriend, Katie Holmes Worried Sick About Him After Learning Jamie Foxx Is Hospitalized & Unable To Contact Him

Jamie Foxx is still hospitalized, according to some news outlets. The Oscar winner has kept fans and friends in the dark about his medical condition for months. It seems only his daughter is in the know of what is happening, and many are worried sick. His “They Cloned Tyrone” co-stars have already spoken out, as have past co-stars from The Jamie Foxx Show.

Even close friend Mike Tyson maintains he does not know what is wrong with Jamie, despite many thinking he spilled the beans in an interview. The latest person to speak out about being in the dark is Katie Holmes.

Holmes and Foxx reportedly began dating shortly after her split from Tom Cruise. The relationship was largely kept under wraps. The duo would split in 2019, but Holmes is reportedly super worried about Foxx. Despite her best attempts, it’s being reported that the Dawson’s Creek actress is just as in the dark as everyone else at the moment and “worried sick.” The pair reportedly did not end on good terms either, so she is really sad about it all.

Updates on Foxx have been random and conflicting. Some sites report that he was home recovering, while others state he is still in doctor’s care and attending rehab in Chicago. One of the rumored clinics he was in specializes in psychotherapy and helping patients learn how to walk again. His daughter dismissed these claims and posted, “Sad to see how the media runs wild. My dad has been out of the hospital for weeks, recuperating.”

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