Actor Jamie Foxx’s Family and Close Friends Preparing For The Worst As Actor Remains In Hospital Four Week Later, According To Sources

Supporters of Jamie Foxx continue to be concerned as the actor remains in the hospital. While many celebrities have released statements claiming actor is recovering, sources are now saying Jamie Foxx’s unknown health complication is more serious than what is being reported.

Jamie Foxx Remains In Hospital One Month Later

The Oscar winner was hospitalized nearly four weeks ago for an unknown medical condition, and little updates have come out in the time since. Since his daughter made the announcement back in April, fans have been waiting for new information. Unfortunately, things do not seem to be moving in his best interest, as friends are taking to social media today to ask for more prayers. 

Comedian Charlie Mack and friend of Jamie Foxx took to his IG account to beg fans for support and continued well wishes for the Ray star who remains in the hospital. “Good morning IG, I need you all to constantly keep our beloved brotha @iamjamiefoxx up whom we all lo❤️e & care for dearly in our Hearts, Minds & Prayers!!!!” Mack did not go into details of why Jamie Foxx is in the hospital, but instead delivered a lengthy caption humbly asking God and whatever forces that be to spare his friend. 

MC Lyte chimed in with her own message in the comments. “Please, we beg of you to spare our brother, heal him and make him whole. A full recovery, dear God, is what we are expecting.” 

Fans on Twitter are on edge as Jamie Foxx remains in the hospital. One shared a photo of him from a shoot with Entertainment that read, “I just know Jamie Foxx better be ok.” Another person said, “Every time I see a picture or a post about him my heart skips a beat.”

Jamie’s team has not given the public any official confirmation of his well-being. However, Radar Online is reporting Jamie Foxx’s situation is more serious than his inner circle claims and while is family is hopeful they are also preparing for the worst.

Jamie Foxx Family Preparing For The Worst

As of tomorrow, Jamie Foxx will have been hospitalized for one month. If the actor’s situation was improving as being reported, many suggest the actor would have been released from the hospital by now. We’ll keep you posted as this story continues to develop.

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