Actor John Amos’ Daughter Reveals A Voice Recording Of Her Father Admitting Son Is Abusing Him Exists

While it seemed like the issues between John Amos and his children were sorted, the situation only worsened. While daughter Shannon Amos was singled out as the person behind his suspected elder abuse, it is now his son that is being called into question. KC Amos is being accused of having his father live in inhabitable conditions and abusing drugs while being his caretaker.

Shannon Amos said her father was the victim of elder abuse and tried to raise money to help bring his abusers to justice. Pretty quickly, her father began releasing statements through her brother, alleging that he was ok and that the only person abusing him was Shannon.

KC backed up these claims by sharing screenshots from people claiming that Shannon tried to do the same thing when he was taking care of their mother. Fans initially supported him but began finding it odd when they realized he was taunting his sister online.

“I believe that you are the one that’s causing those horrible things to your father and trying to manipulate the word to believe it’s your sister smh,” said one person under his post. Well, today, it has come out that KC has a history of drug issues and has been controlling his father’s social media and finances. Shannon shared a video showing off the conditions of KC and John’s home. This included spoiled food and garbage everywhere.

Then, in a voice recording, you can hear John Amos asking if his son was abusing drugs and questioning if he should leave him any money if he’s just going to spend it getting high. He also can be heard saying that there is clear evidence of habitual use.

John Amos says in the clip, “he is still using drugs and misusing my money; he needs to be confronted; we need to find out the truth because all of us are laboring under the assumption that he is.”

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