Actor Malcolm Jamal Warner Ended Relationship With Regina King On Valentine’s Day Because ‘He Wasn’t Feeling It No More’

Malcolm Jamal Warner and Regina King are Hollywood veterans.

The pair grew up in the spotlight as children on two of the most iconic sitcoms on television. Understandably they would hit it off, considering their similar lifestyles, and the two would eventually begin to date. Let’s take a look at their two-year union and the sad story behind their breakup.

Malcolm Jamal Warner was introduced to the world as Theo Huxtable in 1984 on The Cosby Show. We watched him grow up before our eyes, and by the time the show wrapped in 1992, he was many girls’ first crushes. A year after the world met Malcolm, they were introduced to Regina King. She was a part of the cast of 227, where she played Brenda Jenkins. Like Malcolm, she served as an example for young black kids watching and was a first love for many young boys.

It is unclear when they first met, but many sites report the duo first crossed paths during their initial television runs. Rather than pursue a relationship, they formed a friendship that grew over the year. Before becoming a couple, Regina would fall in love with Ian Alexander, whom she married in 1997.

They share one child together, Ian Alexander Jr. born in 1996. They divorced in 2007. Thankfully, for Regina the divorce never turned nasty. The couple moved out of their property and went their separate ways.

Meanwhile, Malcolm Jamal Warner would date late actress Michelle Thomas. She portrayed his girlfriend Justine Phillips while on the Cosby Show before going on to star as Steve Urkles love interest in Family Matters. He was by her side when she passed away in 1998. He then dated Karen Malina White for seven years before he and Regina King finally decided to give their relationship a shot.

The pair dated from 2011 to 2013 and even moved in together, sharing a home with King and her son until they split. Regina spoke about their love at one point, admitting that the timing was everything for the two. “I believe the universe has a plan, and we probably wouldn’t have been ready years ago.

We both had to do whatever we had to do to be ready for each other now.” They were even rumored to be engaged at some point, but we’re unsure if the couple lived on the same property during their relationship.

Unfortunately, things would fizzle out, and Malcolm Jamal Warner would dump her. Reportedly, Warner called it quits on Valentine’s Day with the phrase, “I’m just not feeling it.” King opened up about the nasty breakup with US Weekly in 2015.

She said that after breaking up with her on V-Day, Malcolm had the nerve to send flowers to her property and be offended when she threw them out. While she did not name him explicitly, she said fans “would know.”

Since their split, they both have moved on. Unfortunately, Regina King would lose her son Ian in 2022 after he took his own life. Reports surrounding the incident have not disclosed if Ian took his life on Regina’s property or somewhere else.

Regina King remained mostly off the radar since. Malcolm has since gotten married and had a child. He keeps his wife and child out of the spotlight. He did share a photo of their hands for his Black Fist Family campaign in December.

Despite Regina King’s son’s passing, the actress’s career has taken off since her relationship with Malcolm. She has went on to become an Academy Award winner. A few years back she purchased a $4.4 million property in Hollywood Hills.

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