Actor Marlon Wayans, 50 Claims He Doesn’t Age Because He Takes 150 Vitamins A Day

Actor Marlon Wayans is keeping the family name alive with a number of critically acclaimed films, including last year’s Respect with Jennifer Hudson. Always looked at as the baby of his famous family, Marlon has aged out of his slapstick persona into a serious actor and handsome Hollywood star. While his features have noticeably become more refined, somehow, Marlon has managed to still look relatively young. In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Marlon talks about the things he does to maintain his youth.

While catching up with the late-night host, Fallon noted that Marlon looks really good for his age. Marlon, who turns 50 this summer, fired off the famous quip, “black don’t crack unless you smoke it.” While the two laughed, Marlon then shared his rigorous vitamin regimen. He pulled a ziplock bag out of his pocket with a number of assorted pills declaring to Jimmy, “I take 150 vitamins a day.” He goes on to say not only does he want to live, but he wants to “live young.” Marlon intends on partying with his kids when they are club age. He then stood on the chair and began joking about his plans to pop bottles with them.

Youtube fans commented on his looks, saying “He’s 45, and he still looks like he is in 20’s gosssh… he also has young spirit. love it The Wayans Family is the best family in da business.” Over on IG, the actor shared a photo of the pills he takes every day with a breakdown of them. “What’s this? The vitamins I take everyday. Before breakfast B12 coq10 spirulina cordyceps maca etc…yeah it’s a lot but keeps me young and energized: and u people wonder why I’m always sweating.” It’s true, he was sweating profusely in his Fallon interview. Fans in the comments shared their concern for the actor, wondering how his body breaks down so many pills. Others encouraged Marlon to eat more vegetables rather than taking so many pills.

Speaking of his kids, Marlon recently posted some side by sides of him and his son Shawn Howell Wayans. Marlon is proud of his boy and believes he and Shawn look like twins. “Me and the sequel… love this kid. Anytime I get to spend with my kids is a good time,” he captioned the photo. Some fans agreed, saying “Twinning” and “Damn you just hit copy/paste.”

Others felt Shawn looked more like a spinoff than a sequel, comparing him instead to his famous uncles Damon Wayans and Keenan Ivory Wayans. Comments ranged from “He look like Keenan his daddy,” to, “He look like his d—n cousins Damien [laughing emoji].” “He’s your brother’s twin for sure!” someone else chimed in. Others think he looks more like mother Angelica Zachary. “Lmao you tried it. Mommas twin!!” said one fan. Either way, the boy does have the signature Wayans features and an obvious chip off the old block.

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