Actor Omar Hardwick Reveals STARZ Has Made Him An Offer To Return To Power As Ghost

Power fans have been hoping to see the series’ original star, Omari Hardwick return as Ghost.

Despite allegedly being killed off at the end of the original show, the Power Universe has several other programs across different timelines that all offer opportunities for him to make his comeback. Omari Hardwick recently revealed that the showrunners approached him about returning.

The Neighborhood Talk shared a snippet of Omari from a recent interview. In it, the Fantasy Football star opens up about discussions with the producers at Power in recent months. “They asked me before to come back. They asked me in the last year in a half to come back.”

Omari says he was in Boston reading a script for something else and told Starz if he reprised his role as Ghost, he would like them to produce said script.

“When I was offered this. When I was in Boston reading this script, I was in Boston saying, ‘Okay, then this.'” Omari says that when the “then this” went to Starz, they did not come back with an offer. “So if they gave me the ‘then this,’ then it’s a possibility.” Omari also says in another part of the discussion that if Ghost returns, it would also have to be “perfect.”

Fans in the comments feel like Starz needs to give Omari what he wants so that they can see him on their screens again. “Starz needs to give this man the THEN THIS so he can eat the whole damn show up!!! Y’all playing too much,” said one person.

Fans are particularly eager to see him on screen with Mary J. Blige‘s Monet Tejada. Monet is a major anti-hero on Power Book II: Ghost. Mary herself has even jokes about Omari coming back and possibly being her sibling.

The R&B singer was asked if she who she would like to see return to the Power franchise during a recent interview. Mary J. Blige chose Ghost without hesitation. The singer says there’s a possibility Omari Hardwick’s character, Ghost is still alive considering no one seen him in the casket.

Another fan said, “Can they pay this man so we can get a shocking moment pls , or I would love to see Ghost past like they are doing with Tommy and Kanan.” Most people feel like Omari deserves whatever his “then this” is, and then some. “Pay this man what he’s worth and bring Ghost back,” said another person.

Power Book Ghost is currently airing on Starz. Last week, two upcoming episodes were leaked online. 50 Cent turned to social media to place the blame on Starz.

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