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Actor Orlando Brown Instagram Account Restricted, Believes Faizon Love Is Behind It

Actor Orlando Brown continues to spiral before our eyes. The former Disney star was back on the Cam Capone show this week, opening up about a range of topics from Kanye West and Kim Kardashian to people laughing at celebrities in crisis. During his sporadic discussion, Orlando also discussed how he was banned from Instagram recently and where fans can connect with him now.

Orlando says he has a new IG account, @TheOrlandoBrownshow, after his original account got restricted for violating the social media apps terms and conditions. According to Brown, he knew it was going to happen because he had been “putting his life on the line.” Orlando says he has the “divine permission” to talk about certain things and that some people just can’t quite grasp what he is doing.

Orlando believes that it was not actually Instagram that banned him, but instead someone independent of the app who reported him. Orlando clarifies that his account is not deleted but “on hold.” He claims he can still see all his messages, and the actual page is not showing as deleted; but instead, it has been restricted. “I believe Faizon paid somebody over at Instagram,” he said before laughing. “But it’s cool, man. Through the grace of god, I’m a man of faith; hopefully, the owner of Instagram will be like, ‘what the hell, Nah!’ Got to get him his Instagram back!'”

Orlando goes on to say that no matter what platform he uses, he knows that the “gift of god” is in him, not on him. Brown says that few people really question the purpose of their content, and he believes more folks should ask what their intentions are with their output. “At the end of the day, anywhere I go and anything I do, whatever platform I’m blessed to be on, that glory of god will shine through.”

Brown continued to fidget in his chair while he sweated profusely, making crazy facial expressions between answers. One fan enjoyed the exchange between Brown and Capone and said, “Now this what you call an interview. All the right questions getting asked. This will have you fully invested in the conversation. You’re definitely going to laugh and then say he’s speaking facts.”

John Davidson
John Davidson
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