Actor Pooch Hall Completes Probation, After Allowing 2-Year-Old To Drive Vehicle Cause He Too Intoxicated To Drive – 

Pooch Hall is an established actor with a pretty solid resume. Despite some notable properties to his credit, it seems the actor has been off the radar for a while. So what has he been up to, and when can we see him on our screens again? Is there a reason Pooch Hall has been missing in action?

Pooch Hall got his acting start in 2001. That year he had three films to his name, with one crediting him as Marion Hall. Hall would work steadily for years, appearing in shows like Without a Trace.

Eventually, he would score the role of Derwin Davis on Girlfriends in 2006. The character would eventually get his own series titled The Game, where he starred alongside Tia Mowry from 2006 through 2015. The show made him a household name and set him up for even more notable parts in series like Ray Donavan, Suits, Criminal Minds, and Law & Order. Hall currently has two films scheduled for 2023, A Nashville Legacy and Alarmed.

Back in 2017, Pooch revealed that his growing career did not sit well with BET. He was working on The Game and Ray Donovan at the same time and told the hosts of the Little Black Dress Podcast that the network basically forced him to choose.

“I knew how BET got down, and I knew how the producers got down,” he told Rosci Daiz and Nina Parker. “It’s almost like you have this opportunity that we gave you; we want you to be loyal. It wasn’t like fly eagle fly.” Hall says that after he accepted Ray Donovan, BET stopped answering his calls or inviting him to events.

By 2018, being blackballed was the least of his worries, after the actor found himself in some legal issues following a DUI . Pooch Hall would ultimately cop a plea deal in his case.

While things have been relatively quiet for him, Hall does continue to work. The Game is also back on the air, with many fans requesting to see him return to the show. “I miss you in the new season.

Can you pop in on an episode every now and then,” said one fan under a post. “Love the new one, but without a doubt, the original will forever have my heart in a chokehold ❤️,” said another. Unfortunately, the return of Derwin Davis is highly unlikely.

Pooch seems eager to keep working and shares a lot of throwback footage, even recently posting his headshot with the caption, “This guy still has goals to achieve! #PoochHall #actor #producer.”

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