Actor Will Smith Debunk Intimacy Issues With Wife, Jada Pinkett Smith

Will Smith continues to set the record straight on misconceptions of his and wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s relationship. The A-list actor linked up with Oprah Winfrey for her AppleTV+ series “The Oprah Conversation” to discuss his new book. In the memoirs, he discusses everything from his resentment towards his father, falling in love with his co-stars, and of course, he and Jada’s complicated union. In recent weeks the topic of intimacy in their marriage has come up, with him and Jada opening up about how things were for them back at the beginning of their marriage.

During their hour-long sit down, Will opened up about how he and Jada had to allow their relationship to evolve over the years in order to remain happy and together. He confesses that in the beginning, the pair had an insane chemistry and insatiable appetite for one another.

In an excerpt from the book, he says, “we drank every day, and [were intimate] multiple times every day, for four straight months. I started to wonder if this was a competition.” He continues, “either way, as far as I was concerned, there were only two possibilities: (1) I was going to satisfy this woman sexually, or (2) I was going to die trying.”

The insightful paragraph shed some new light on their dynamic after Jada painted a different picture in a Red Table Talk interview only a few weeks ago. While discussing intimacy and relationships with Gwenyth Paltrow, Jada made some comments that led people to believe that she and Will were having some issues in the bedroom. This followed Gwen saying she was having the best time of her life in her new marriage.

“It’s hard. The thing Will and I talk about a lot is the journey. We started in this at a very young age, you know, 22 years old,” Jada recalled. “That’s why the accountability part really hit for me because I think you expect your partner to know [what you need], especially when it comes to [intimacy]. It’s like, ‘Well if you love me, you should know. If you love me, you should read my mind.’ That’s a huge pitfall.”

People interpreted this to mean that they were having issues in the romance department and used it to further the narrative that Jada does not like Will and keeps looking for new ways to tell the public. She took to Twitter to clean up these rumors saying, “Only because I got time today. Stop making up headlines. Watch the @RedTableTalk I did with @GwynethPaltrow for yourselves. Will and I have NEVER had an issue in the bedroom. Thank you.”

In the interview with Oprah, Will also dispelled this, letting people know that he and Jada’s courtship was very intense. However, they soon realized it was bigger than [intimacy]. “Me and Jada, till this day, if we start talking, it’s four hours. Four hours if we exchange a sentence. It’s the center of why we’ve been able to sustain.” he goes on to say that their “ability to work through issues” is what keeps them together.

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