Actress AJ Johnson Reveals Meal Plan While Addressing Women Who Have A Problem With Her Fitness Commitment

Actress Adrienne-Joi Johnson, aka “AJ Johnson”, is well known for her roles in the films House Party, School Daze, and Baby Boy. Outside of acting, AJ Johnson is also a well-known life coach and fitness expert. Her body has received praise from many over the years, but there are those that have criticized AJ Johnson for having a “manly” body.

At any given moment, New Jersey-born actress AJ Johnson can be seen showing off her incredible body. The 58-year-old actress treats hundreds of thousands of social media fans with pictures and videos that flaunt her fit body. Over the years, AJ Johnson has been a huge inspiration to many who want to achieve similar body goals. Often, fans can also be treated to videos of Johnson dancing, while encouraging her followers to achieve their goals and offer other words of wisdom. In one of her posts, AJ Johnson shared that her commitment to achieving a healthy body helped her to score an upcoming role at the time.

“A project said they wanted a female with a 6 pack, but when I showed them my 8 pack, they gave me my filming start date before I left the room,” AJ Johnson wrote under the now-viral photo. “I decided that in 2016, I’d rather be overqualified than not enough.”

AJ Johnson then took the time to detail her meal plan for those that would like to follow along. The diet consists of “No sugar, no added sodium, 25 gms added fat daily (almonds/avocado), 1 gallon water daily, 4oz protein 6xs a day, 1c. fresh vegetables 4xs a day, 4t. basmati rice a day.”

While it was great advice, there were those that perceived from the picture that AJ Johnson had gone too far. Comments were made on social media from some that the actress was not telling the whole truth on her body achievements, perhaps hiding supplements or steroids that she’s taken.

In a sit-down interview with Claudia Jordan for her Fox Soul show Out Loud with Claudia Jordan, AJ Johnson spoke on the criticism she received. The actress spoke on the mixed reactions from the varying worlds. “I noticed from the fitness world, everybody was like, ‘Oh my God, clearly you know what you’re doing,'” she expressed. “From a lot of women, the response is ‘It’s too manly.’ You know, from a lot of me, the response was ‘Oh my gosh, this is great! Can you teach my wife?'” AJ Johnson continued “So, what I learned is that… it’s just best on what you want for yourself. And I want to be the best me. I wanted to be the best healthy temple I could be. And for me, what that looks like is what makes me pleased.”

As far as Johnson’s response to the detractors that she’s experienced on Instagram? The actress has a simple response. “Good! I’m glad it’s not for you then,” AJ Johnson stated. Check out the full interview below. Skip below to the 2:30 mark to hear her discuss social media’s comments on her body.

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