Actress Countess Vaughn Shares Her Thoughts On Kevin Samuel’s Passing

The death of Kevin Samuels drew all types of reactions from social media. Some expressed sadness for the social media influencer and dating guru’s passing, while others drew the line on being disrespectful. But, of course, some celebrities also spoke up and offered their take on Samuels. Actress and singer Countess Vaughn is the latest to offer her take. According to the Moesha star, Samuels’s passing proves a belief that she has about God.

Countess Vaughn appeared on Family Matters and sometimes The Parkers actress Cherie Johnson’s podcast, where she spoke on Kevin Samuels. Vaughn was asked about her opinions on how the image and narrative can be changed in the public’s perception of Black relationships. However, she appeared to believe he was a part of the problem.

The Hollywood Divas reality star expressed what his death affirmed to her. “That situation made me believe that God is a woman,” said Countess Vaughn on the Cherie’s World Podcast. Specifically, she feels that God is a “Black woman.” Countess Vaughn is speaking about the many statements and debates Kevin Samuels got himself into with many Black women on social media. Because of this, his death caused many not to feel sympathy. Instead, some unapologetically stated that he got what he deserved.

Actress and Cocktails with Queens co-host Vivica A. Fox reacted to his death by calling it “karma.” She further expressed that Kevin Samuels was a “hypocrite” and merely a “shock jock” who did not possess any good qualities that some people claimed he had.  “[Kevin Samuels] insulted African American women on a consistent basis,” noted Vivica A. Fox on the Fox Soul talk show. The Independence Day actress continued to speak on his previous comments, giving examples, and then shared her hopes that his death would be a teachable moment for some.   “The negativity you put out in the world… when karma comes knocking at your door? She might not be so kind,” said Fox. In conclusion, she offered a seemingly sarcastic note of condolences.

Singer and rapper Jean Deaux also asked on Twitter if Kevin Samuels’s passing was caused by “being 56 and unmarried,” playing on his commentary on Black women of a certain age. In a subsequent tweet, she seemed to speak on those mourning his passing. “Imagine you pay yo respects at Kevin Samuels grave & his spirit float up n call you a broke fat [expletive] with no chances at true love,” she wrote.

But some celebrities spoke up against those who had less than kind things to say about Kevin Samuels’s passing. Rapper Gangsta Boo tweeted her disgust at those she deemed “pathetic” for their negative comments. She spoke against those mad at Samuels for sharing his “own perspective and opinions which in some cases was accurate asf.”  Also speaking up was Joe Budden. In a tweet, he shared, “It’s disgusting what some of y’all do when death occurs.”

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