Actress Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle’s Family Mourning Loss Of His Beloved Grandmother: ‘Forever Honored, Granny Gran’

Lauren London’s legacy has shifted drastically since the loss of her partner Nipsey Hussle. The beloved actress has become a beacon of hope for fans who look to her for strength and inspiration for how gracefully she’s handled his passing. This has not always been easy for London, and she’s been transparent about how tough the journey has been for her. Now she has to mourn another monumental loss, saying goodbye to Nipsey’s grandmother.

During her episode of In Real Life with Angie Martinez, Lauren London gave fans the brutally honest side of her experience with grieving Nipsey. Lauren admits that she had no desire to continue and spent a long time in deep depression and sadness. Love for her children helped her pull herself together, but she struggled to really find the meaning of it all. Instead of retreating, she has found love and purpose in her family and the people around her.

Lauren thanked the people around her for their support and encouragement through her darkest time. “I can honestly say God was carrying me through that. That wasn’t me; that was all God.” She thanked Sean Combs for pushing her to put on a brave front but still be honest during Nipsey’s funeral. “Look, you have shown everybody what it looks like to hold a man down and to love him; now show them what it looks like when it all crumbles,” he told her. She confessed that as much as she wants to leave Los Angeles, she knows it is important to stay put for her family and for the people around them who are supporting them.

In trying to be strong, Lauren has contributed to several projects for her late partner to honor his memory and his work before passing. This includes a Youtube documentary called “The Marathon Cultivation” on Youtube. In a post about it back in May, she said, “We will be having a grand opening for its first official The Marathon (Collective) flagship dispensary on Saturday, June 18th.” She also frequently shares posts promoting his Marathon clothing line music and more. Her last post about him was celebrating his birthday in August.

London used that strength to help her and Nip’s family deal with their latest major loss, his grandmother Margaret Boutte. Boutte helped raise Nipsey and his siblings. Lauren took to her IG to pay her respects to the matriarch alongside Nip’s sister Samantha Smith. “Forever Honored. Granny Gran 💙🙏🏽,” she said in a post of the grandma hugging herself and looking up towards the sky. Smith shared an image of Nipsey and their grandmother with the caption, “My Angels 🤍.”

Speaking on Nipsey’s loss in 2019, his grandmother shared that he was the “love of her life” and always “very respectful.” She said, “I thank my daughter for blessing me with Nipsey and [his siblings] Sami and Samantha. I love you all. He will never be gone in my heart. He lives forever.” Nipsey loved his grandmother too and talked about her on the record, “Higher,” talking about her journey to motherhood with his uncle and mother.

Margaret Boutte was 92 years old. Back in August, Margaret was presented with Nipsey Hussle’s Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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