Actress LisaRaye McCoy Shares Thoughts On Sister Da Brat Plans To Have Baby With Wife, Jesseca Dupart

Rapper and reality star Da Brat is in a new age in her life. After decades of living closeted, Da Brat is finally able to love out loud and in the open with her partner and wife, Judy Jesseca Dupart. While everyone has celebrated and uplifted their union, it has been the subject of some tension between Da Brat and her sister LisaRaye McCoy, who has felt cut out of some of Da Brat’s decisions.

LisaRaye and Da Brat have always been incredibly close. The sisters have navigated the entertainment industry together and found their own success in their respective fields. However, it was revealed during a Cocktails with Queens episode in 2020 that the sisters had not been speaking for a while. The hosts were shocked when they tried to surprise McCoy on her birthday with a message from her sister, and the energy between the two immediately went left. LisaRaye admitted to feeling left out of her sister’s life and blindsided by her decision to come out as a lesbian without consulting with McCoy first. Da Brat admitted to feeling like her sister can be overly critical and wanted to step out on her own for once without consulting her big sis.

The siblings would eventually reconcile, and McCoy was present at Brat and Judy’s wedding this year on February 22. While she was fully in support of her sister, during a cutaway during the trailer for their upcoming season, LisaRaye hashed out some other gripes with Brat’s new wife. LisaRaye felt that her sister did not speak to her before announcing to the world that she and Judy would be trying to have a child together.

While defending her wife, Judy proclaimed that Brat should not have to consult her sister about anything in her life. LisaRaye did not seem to agree on this. “I wasn’t told anything,” McCoy tells Judy while discussing Brat trying to concieve. “If she wants to get pregnant and not tell you, she has a right to do that,” Dupart responds, but McCoy fired back, “No.”

Do you think LisaRaye is overstepping her boundaries as a sister? Let us know what you think.

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