Actress Meagan Good and Actor Jonathan Majors Reportedly Dating

Jonathan Majors was on a MAJOR winning streak at the top of 2023.

The well-respected actor had starring roles in Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania and Creed III. Unfortunately, some legal issues threaten to derail his professional career, but could his romantic career be gearing up for a major W? Major reportedly bagged Hollywood hottie Meagan Good and we have images at the end of the article to prove it.

Jonathan got in hot water earlier this year after it hit the press that he laid hands on his then-girlfriend. While the woman tried to recall the charges, the courts are reportedly pressing forward, and several other women have come out with accusations against Majors.

A few companies have already done the work to distance themselves from Majors, and many fear the Marvel Cinematic Universe could be doing the same and nixing him from playing Kang The Conquerer in upcoming installments.

One woman not deterred by the drama is Meagan Good. Good has been in a career and personal resurgence since calling things off with now ex-husband DeVon Franklin.

She has starred in some of her most consistent work to date and has been scorching up red carpets, photo shoots, and social media. Meagan is easily one of the most desired women in the game, and Majors reportedly has scooped her up.

Outlets are stating that the relationship is really new but that the pair seem smitten. TMZ says that they were spotted at the Alamo Drafthouse in Los Angeles catching a movie.

Fans in the comments seem to be here for it, with many revealing that they are in full support of Majors getting back on his feet and beating these allegations. “A win is a win! Major congratulations 🍾🎉,” said one fan. “Ooooh Jonathan….. This is MAJOR!” said another.

Not everyone was on board, however, and some wonder if the relationship is a publicity stunt for Majors, who is rumored to have historically only dated white women.

“Now he wants a black woman publicity stunt,” said one person. “I doubt it. They want black women to support him to get his name clean again,” said another. The pair have not posted up together and do not have any films in the pipeline together. Are we here for a Major/Good relationship?

Meagan Good and Jonathan Majors were spotted together for the first time over the weekend. In the image, the new couple were exiting a plane with luggage.

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