Actress Meagan Good Still Feeling Lost and Dealing With Sadness Following Divorce Announcement Last Year

Meagan Good is entering “Act 2” of her life. The actress is entering her 41st year around the sun and is making a few reflections, starting with her recent divorce from Devon Franklin. A few days shy of her August 8th birthday, Good took to Instagram to share her feelings.

The Los Angeles-born actress uploaded two stunning photos of herself in a dark green sweatsuit and luscious locks. Meagan Good recalled that as she was journeying toward her 40th birthday, she was completely unaware that in just a few weeks, her “life was about to change dramatically.” Once viewed as marriage goals for many couples, Meagan Good and Devon Franklin shocked the world when multiple news reports began to state that they were headed for a divorce. “There’s no one at fault,” the then-couple provided in a statement to PEOPLE.

The couple had been married for almost a decade before making the decision in 2021. To Meagan Good’s point, the couple celebrated their wedding anniversary just six months before the divorce announcement was made. Although they could not make it work, they continued to describe their time together as “life-changing years.”

US Weekly reports that the divorce between Meagan Good and her former husband was finalized this past June. Additionally, neither will pay spousal support, and the rest of their settlement was handled privately.Now that the divorce is finalized, Meagan Good shares that she feels “strong… mostly… but still lost at times.” The Harlem actress added that she is “still healing, still having moments of sadness [and] trying to figure out God’s plan knowing all that He did.”

Despite feeling a whirlwind of emotions, Meagan Good declares that she maintains a great deal of faith and insists she is placing her complete trust in God. But that doesn’t halt the grief that creeps in momentarily. However, the actress states that she chooses to be “thankful for everything, even things that hurt.”In addition, Good provided an encouraging words for her followers that could relate to her situation. “There is life [and] life more abundantly as we walk it out,” continued Meagan Good. She continued to paint a glorious picture of joy and happiness, maintaining a spirit that light is indeed at the end of every tunnel.

If the recent rumors are true, there may be a reason for Meagan Good’s newfound happiness. Social media speculation was at an all-time high when battle rapper Dizaster recently posted photos of the two and asked followers “how mad” they were. But unfortunately, the news didn’t seem to sit well with many.”Son Tell me Meagan Good ain’t messing with The Battle Rapper Dizaster please tell me it ain’t true,” one user reacted. Another quipped, “Meagan Good literally went from a Pastor….to Dizaster!”

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