Actress Meagan Good Ready To Reclaim Her ‘Peace Of Mind’ At 40

It’s been a long week for actress Meagan Good after news broke her husband of nine years, DeVon Franklin, filed for divorce. The turn of events was unexpected for fans as many believed Good and Franklin had created the perfect union through christ and therapy. Yet, despite the unfortunate news, Meagan Good has kept busy promoting her new show, ‘Harlem’ on Amazon Prime and continuing to put herself first focusing on her peace of mind. The goal of focusing on her peace of mind came months before the divorce announcement when the actress revealed she had given up drinking completely.

Booze is a welcomed escape after a busy week or long day for many. Even more so for celebrities who tend to do 18 hour days on set, 12 hour days in the studio and more. Spirits can also become something they depend on to help them achieve the desired performance they are looking for. The likes of Anna Kendrick, Shia LaBeouf, Brad Pitt and more had given spectacular performances while under the influence. However, for another group of entertainers, they avoid partaking completely and lived sober lives while in the spotlight.

Most recently, Meagan Good opened up about her journey with getting cleaned. The “Harlem” actress, who recently announced plans on bringing some other significant changes into her 40s. According to the ‘Think Like A Man’ actress, April of 2021, she decided she no longer wanted to drink. In addition to giving it up, she also began attending therapy. For Good, it’s about being able to enter her 40s with a renewed energy. The actress goal is to walk into her 40s with peace of mind, joy, more sense of self, and wholeness. Good explained that for years she did not deal with her problems head on, and instead would just find ways to sidestep them. She now feels like she has the tools to deal with things head-on and owes a lot of that to her most recent choices.

This isn’t the first time Meagan Good has vowed to give up on booze to reclaim her peace of mind. On May 30, 2014, the actress took to Instagram declaring to give up on it and also take better care of herself. “I’ve got a job to do .. a purpose and calling on my life.. I will not take myself out with seemingly small things that will affect my quality of life in the long run. .. I declare this season will be even better than the last #BringItOn,” the actress captioned her post.

In her book ‘The Wait: A Powerful Practice for Finding The Love of Your Life and The Life You Love” with estranged husband DeVon Franklin, Meagan Good revealed the struggles of being a child actress and constantly being told what to do caused her to rebel. If you recall, Good first made her movie debut on Friday in 1995 at the age of 13. By the age of 15, Good became a household name after playing a troubled teen in Eve’s Bayou, a film that earned the actress her first NAACP Image Award nomination. The actress claims she was very destructive, and anytime she felt bad about something, she would turn to liquor. This habit eventually led the actress to smoking.

Meagan is not the only one who has kicked this habit to the curb. Rapper 50 Cent, recently revealed he doesn’t partake despite owning his own liquor brand. The media mogul and rapper claims when he attends events, he makes sure his guests finish the bottle and then has a member of his team fill up the bottle with ginger ale which he sips on all night. Actress, Jada Pinkett Smith is another celebrity who has kicked this habit. According to the Red Table Talk host, at one point she drank red wine like water. Smith also claims she’s a walking miracle because she was on so many [stuff] she is not sure how she survived.

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