Actress Taraji P. Henson Called Out Michael Ealy For Having Extreme Bad Body Odor and Smelling Ripe On Set Of ‘Think Like A Man’

Yesterday Michael Ealy was trending on Twitter simply because women still love him. The actor has always been considered a heartthrob, with many flocking to see his films for his good looks. However, a recent Kelly Clarkson interview reveals that one woman was not too happy to get up close and personal with Ealy. Why did Taraji P. Henson say Michael did not smell too great during their time shooting “Think Like a Man 2?”

Michael Ealy stopped by the Kelly Clarkson show to plug his Hulu series Reasonable Doubt. While there, he opened up about the time Henson told him he was “ripe” during a sexy scene together. “It was really hard to be romantic after that!” he laughed. According to Ealy, the scene required him to be shirtless, so he did about 250 push-ups to get the blood flowing and pump up his chest. Unfortunately, it also made him sweaty, something that turned Taraji off. 

He opened up, even more, expressing his love for Henson but explaining how becoming a dad around that time had made it harder for him to work out and prepare for the scene in question. “So Taraji, who I love immensely, we’re from the same hometown,” he says. “One of the coolest people you ever meet and the most talented people you will ever meet. We are doing a scene in Think Like a Man Too, and I just had a kid. I didn’t get a chance to really like work out or prepare for this role and stuff.”

Ealy and Henson starred in 2012’s “Think Like a Man,” where they played Dominic and Lauren. Their characters were christened “The Dreamer” and “The Woman Who is Her Own Man.” The pair have to go through various trials to figure out if love is for them, including the above-mentioned sex scene. The film was received well enough that it scored a sequel in 2014. It was based on Steve Harvey’s book of the same name. 

Elsewhere in the interview, Michael and Kelly talk about Halloween and stealing candy from their kids. Ealy recalls getting candy stolen from him when he was younger. They talked about freezing some of their favorite candies and enjoying things cold. Ealy credits his kids for getting him back into Halloween and says he enjoys dressing up because people do not know it is him under the mask. 

Fans on Twitter seem to be unfazed by Ealy’s recent revelation and instead are focusing on his new series Reasonable Doubt and how he’s swooning fans all over again. “As moist as Michael Ealy can make me, I’ve come to the conclusion that he must be hella annoying to be partnered to. He just always has this face like he’s going to turn to you and ask at 3 am what we’re gonna do about the situation in Ecuador,” joked one fan. “Michael Ealy’s wife Must be God’s strongest soldier bc one thing he’s gonna do is be a Main love interest, and they gonna do the do,” said another. 

Taraji P. Henson is known for calling out her male cast mates. In a previous interview, the actress revealed actor Tyrese was afraid to take his clothing off while filming an intimate scene in Baby Boy.

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