Actress Tasha Smith’s Love Life Is Something Straight Out Of A Tyler Perry Movie

Tasha Smith has an enduring Hollywood story. After moving to Los Angeles at 19 to pursue acting, she crashed on couches at Tisha Campbell and Eddie Griffin’s places while frequenting comedy clubs. Eventually, she would find her footing with a series of roles in the ’00s and quickly turned her experience into helping others with her famous acting school. While much of her life in the spotlight is public knowledge, few know about her personal relationships. Let’s unpack the men in Tasha Smith’s life.

Tasha Smith was one of the first celebrities to come forward following the passing of actor Michael K. Williams. Williams died of an accidental overdose last year that shocked many. Michael K. Williams was very vocal about his struggles. The actor claimed substance use was not the problem, but merely the symptoms of the problem. “And once those things go away, the real work begins. Those are the things that need to be addressed,” the actor shared while promoting a film called, “Body Brokers.” Eventually Irvin Cartagena, and three others individuals were charged for selling the substance to the actor and continued to sell despite learning the actor passed away from their product.

Tasha and Michael had a special relationship as friends and lovers, and she took to her social media to pay tribute to him shortly after his passing. “Words cannot express the pain I feel in my heart! We laughed, we cried, we prayed! Love you forever, my friend!” she said in an Instagram post. The picture showed her and Williams embracing and laughing together at a park. She continued to pay homage to him in a series of pictures, including one of him, her, and her twin sister.

According to sources, Tasha Smith and Michael K. Williams had begun dating back in 2019, but their actual relationship status as of his death is unknown. In May 2019, they posted a photo together with the caption, “Nothing makes me happier!!!!! The love of my life. This man gives me goosebumps!!!!!” she shared images of him on his birthday in 2020 as well.

Prior to finding joy and happiness in her union with Michael, Tasha had a very tumultuous affair with a different man. In 2010, Tasha tied the knot with a man she believed to be named Keith Douglas, who had been her manager and boyfriend for under a year. According to Tasha, Douglas portrayed himself as a preacher and man of God as well as someone she could trust. It was not till after they wed that she found out he had been lying to her.

Court documents from their divorce reveal that Douglas had disclosed information about himself in an attempt to make himself more appealing for Tasha. This included concealing his five previous marriages, several children that he was not claiming, and non-payment of income taxes for nearly a decade. According to Tasha, she felt that if she had known this information beforehand, she would have never married him.

Actress Tisha Campbell stood trial as a character witness for Tasha. Tasha also sought a restraining order against Douglas to keep him away from her during the proceedings out of fear that he would try to take her life. It was bad that a judge even discovered that Douglas’s real name was not Keith but actually Rory. Because so much of their relationship was rooted in the lies he told her, Tasha was able to get the marriage annulled and move on. He tried to appeal the annulment in 2016 but was unsuccessful.

Following her relationship with Michael K. Williams, the actress has kept a low profile. In a recent interview, Tasha Smith discussed what she’s looking for in a partner. The actress claims they can not be broke, but she also doesn’t want to force anything.

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