Actress Tia Mowry Calls Her Divorce From Cory Hardrict A Celebration

Tia Mowry is not sitting around waiting for people to feel bad for her following her divorce from Cory Hardrict. The Sister, Sister star has been soldiering ahead with a series of brave and inspiring posts about her new life and burning desire to put herself first. Now she is taking her social media aspirations to the small screen, joining Hoda and Jenna to discuss the split and her thought process behind it all.

The beaming actress came out to thunderous applause in a beautiful black outfit with braids and shells in her hair. Tia gushed about her sister Tamara who was just recently on the same show, calling her a “life partner” and “best friend.” When Tamara was on with Hoda and Jenna Tia had just announced her split, and Tamara was committed to respecting her sister’s privacy and backing her on her new journey. However, Tia is now ready to speak out, as the ladies dove right into her choice to divorce her husband of almost two decades.

Tia was eager to open up, even cutting Hoda off when asking, “How did you know it was time,” and immediately spilling her truth. Tia looked pensive as she discussed the process behind ending her marriage. “I knew when I really started to focus on my happiness,” she said. Tia said she was making sure everyone else was ok and focusing on everyone else, putting herself and her needs dead last. “At the end of the day, it is about self-love. When you start to really work on yourself, love yourself, there’s this awakening.” Tia called the experience “worth it,” while admitting that it is still hard and not an easy decision.

The ladies uplifted her, pointing out that the audience and people at home could definitely relate. Jenna then asked Tia to point out a more specific moment when she knew it was time to step away. “When I started to focus on myself. There was this sadness, and I knew that life was short. I had lost my grandmother; we had lost Alaina Housley. Both of them at the same time. There was just an ah-ha moment for me.” She says she eventually started tapping in and figuring out her happiness and joy. Tia says she has also been in therapy through this whole process.

Tia anxiously sped through the conversation, visibly nervous and excited as she declared her divorce to be a “celebration.” Tia said a friend shared a letter with her from another woman who had gotten divorced that helped her change the narrative on the split. Tia calls her marriage a success and relates it to college and how she was able to create their beautiful children and memories. However, she feels like she’s reached her graduation. Tia says marriage success is not longevity but how much the people are thriving and growing. “It’s about, are you happy? Because life is really short.”

Fans in the comments championed Tia for sharing her journey and opening up about what is next for her, including her partnership with Chase to encourage others to travel and live their lives. Tia Morwy’s sister, Tamera Mowry recently did an interview were she insisted she hasn’t seen her sister this happy in a long time.

According to Hollywood Unlock, Tamera’s response strongly implied the couple had been going through some difficulties for a while prior to their divorce announcement.

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