Actress Tia Mowry Has Fans Believing Husband Cory Hardrict Was Broke & Unable To Contribute Financially After Posting Comment Under Video

Fans continue to try and figure out what went wrong between Tia Mowry and her soon-to-be ex-husband Cory Hardrict. The happy pair had been together almost 20 years but called it quits at the top of October. Tia made the announcement on her page and has since branded her content under the guise of “me time” and “new chapters.” Cory has kept it more quiet, but fans are now starting to speculate more after some cryptic comments from Tia. 

Tia Mowry is a Hollywood vet and knows the importance of a good PR campaign. As a result, she is focusing all her new content on her newfound freedom and alone time. Five days ago, she shared a video of herself burning sage and preparing a relaxing bath for herself before taking a moment to stare out the window. “Currently making space for what’s meant. 🦋 #SelfCareIsntSelfish.” The voiceover says, “she is at the stage where all she wants to do is pray, focus, manifest, and hustle. She’s releasing negative energy and welcoming peace.” 

She’s done one interview speaking on the divorce directly with People Magazine, saying, “this is not for the weak. I feel like, especially as a mom wearing so many different hats, I’m always in survival mode.” She said getting in tune with herself has made the transition easier but that she has certainly had some struggles.  Cory has instead been focusing on show promo and keeping fans excited about the ongoing season of All American. “All new episode tonight,” he shared in his IG story, resharing a photo from his page of him rocking a varsity jacket in black and white. He’s only shared memes about emotional decisions and how it affects everyone involved. 

Tia might be trying to quietly shed some light on what is going on and proving some fans right in the process. People have long speculated that Cory was not holding up his end of the marriage due to his career taking longer to take off. Under a video of a man explaining toxic unions and how they can stem from someone not being financially present or supportive, Tia commented a pair of eye emojis. Very telling. 

After sharing the initial comment, the actress appeared to edit her comment and replace it with side-eye emojis. Although Tia Mowry’s comments could’ve been relating to someone or something else, fans believed she knew it would cause people to speculate. Some fans believed her comments proved many right and that she became tired of paying for everything in her marriage. Others believed her comment was a bit messy and uncalled for.

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