Actress Tia Mowry Reveals She Struggling With Dating Since Divorcing Husband: “I Have Nobody In My DMs”

Tia Mowry is continuing to get used to her new life as a single woman.

The social media mom has been using her platform to let people in on her world after the divorce, which has included a lot of exploration into her life and the things she loves. She recently opened up about putting herself out there and admits that dating has been a struggle.

Cory Hardrict’s been hard at work since his split from Tia. Cory was the one broken up with and has been focusing on his various projects while trying to sort through his separation.

All American Homecoming has been his biggest project to date, and he recently posed it up with the cast for Black History Month. “Making history as the first original series to air on The CW to have a cast comprised of all-Black Series Regulars,” he said in the post.

He also shared a series of snaps in January that had fans saying he looked the happiest they had ever seen him. Cory smiled and showed off his jewelry, rocked some really cool outfits, including a black and white checkered coat, smiled on the set of the Hollywood Reporter, and kicked it courtside with Omari Hardwick.

One person said, “Lord he fine, Chile, Tia no pressure but girl I’d make it work just because he fine 😂. All that aside, God’s will and his way! Did I mention he is FINE!!!” Cory has made no mention of dating, but some speculated that he went to dinner with Nia Long earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Tia has been busy expanding her brand as an influencer. The mom of two enjoys a lot of time at home modeling outfits, cooking, and showing off her self-care routines. Tia is enjoying the newfound freedom and time alone after admitting that she had a pretty sheltered childhood due to being an actress and having a strict family.

Both Tia and Tamera have confessed to not getting to date much, hence why they have both been in such long-term relationships. While Tamera is still married, Tia is finally giving herself a chance to see what single life is giving.

She recently appeared on an episode of The Terrell Show. A bubbly Tia giggled through questions about dating. Eventually, she admitted to “having steak” while out with a man, between laughs and admitting that she does not like the word “dating.”

While Grice tries to egg her own and empower her to admit she is dating, Mowry says, “Yeah, but I don’t even know if I’m doing that … I never dated. I never dated. I never dated before.” The actress admits she’s uncertain how dating works and trying to navigate things considering she hasn’t had much experience.

Growing up the Sister Sister star was not allowed to begin dating until she was 18. A couple of years later she began dating Cory Hardrict. Tia admits to having no understanding of dating apps and no desire to jump into the dating pool. Grice assumed Tia has many suitors interested considering she’s a celebrity. The actress revealed her DMs are dry.

“I don’t know anything. What is it, the dating pool? I am not jumping in that pool,” she says while looking down again. When asked about her DMs, Tia stated, no one is in her DMs”

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