Actress Vivica A. Fox Done Dating Celebrities

Vivica A. Fox is a powerhouse actress. She has over 30 years in the game and continues to thrive as a television host and entrepreneur. While many continue to champion Fox for her hard work and legacy, others seem to focus solely on why Fox has not settled down or had children. It is a topic Vivica has fielded for years, and each time she is asked, her answers get more thought out and more candid. Recently, she stopped by the Wendy Williams show to discuss everyone’s favorite topic when it comes to her, men. Hear what she had to say about never settling and the kind of guy she is hoping for.

Remy Ma and Fat Joe were holding it down this week for Wendy, who is still out sick. Vivica A. Fox showed up in a pink suit paired with some colorful Louboutin heels. The co-hosts made sure to shower her with praise for her illustrious career and string of signature films to her name, including Set It Off and Independence Day.

The discussion then turned to the upcoming holiday, Valentine’s Day. Joe joked that he was not ready, worried about the money he’d have to fork over for his wife’s gift. Vivica laughed this off and let the duo know that she did not have a Valentine this year. “Single! Who doesn’t want Vivica Fox? How could you be single like that!?” said Fat Joe. Fox stayed quiet for a minute and smirked before saying, “Tell ’em, Joe!”

The “Lean Back” rapper then questioned if Fox is single because she intimidates men or if she makes too much money for them. Vivica continued to laugh, declaring, “I love Joe,” before answering, “Well, that’s part of it. I’ll tell you this. I’m not going to settle.”

Remy Ma reminded the audience that Fox swore off dating celebrities, to which she jokes, “ya’ll know how that one ended,” referring to her former beau and Joe’s former rival 50 Cent. The actress goes on to say she would prefer a man in business that is not affiliated with entertainment. “I find when someone’s in show business, it could be competitive. I would like a businessman that could help me get more checks.”

Remy, who is married to fellow rapper Papoose, argued that dating someone in the business might be better because they understand your schedule and the workload. Vivica disagreed, saying, “no, no, no.” Vivica is not the only public figure who has sworn off other entertainers. While some people like Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce love the power couple dynamics, many others want to come home to someone with a simpler lifestyle.

Adele was famously against dating a public figure for a while. She said back in 2011 that she did not like all the attention she got when going out on dates with other famous people. She stuck by her word, briefly marrying Simon Konecki, but eventually, they divorced. She is now rumored to be engaged to Rich Paul, who is a bit of a celebrity in his own right, so obviously, she came around to the idea.

Christina Aguilera is known for being a bit of a diva, so it would make sense that the singer would date someone outside the limelight, so all the attention is solely on her. She has been married twice, once to marketing executive Jordan Bratman and a second time to Matthew Ruthler. Both her partners have been notoriously out of the spotlight, which is how she likes it.

Keri Hilson stated back in 2010 that she did not want to date famous men. The singer/songwriter said that she did not like the idea of a rich man with fame because of the type of attention he attracts and the things he thinks he could get away with. Hilson stated that she does not attract those types of men and she is also not attracted to them. She did eventually fall for athlete Richardo Lockette. During their union, she said she felt she’d found the exception. Unfortunately, the pair would go on to split in 2017.

Nicki Minaj seems to prefer to be the star as well. After keeping Safaree Samuels primarily in the support cast role for years, she eventually ditched him for a more public relationship with Meek Mill that fizzled out. Real happiness seemed to come for her with childhood friend Kenneth Petty who is not a public figure. They are married and recently welcomed their first child together.

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