Ailing Bill Cosby Seen For The First Time In Years, Appearing Frail As He Continues To Face Lawsuit from Five Women

What is the latest on Bill Cosby? America’s former dad has been dealing with a lot over the last decade of his career. Despite serving some time for his alleged crimes against women, Bill managed to get back out and is now trying to avoid future jail time in his remaining years. Unfortunately, there are still several cases out against him and many people who still want to see him brought to justice.

The 85-year-old has not been seen outside since 2021. While his team revealed plans for Cosby to do a media store and stand-up show following his release, those things have yet to happen. Instead, the case against him continued to move through the court system, and more and more women came forward and tried to unpack their experiences with him.

Spotted with a cane and walking with the help of two handlers, Cosby was seen in New York City last Wednesday. Cosby looked frail and unhealthy, with many expressing concerns for him. He sported his wedding ring despite his wife not being spotted with him. He also wore a South Carolina Gamecocks sweater despite the Universities Trustees revoking his honorary degree in 2018.

One former SCU student tweeted, “NOOOOOO! The FIRST time I have ever seen him without Temple gear and the first time the world sees him and thinks ‘serial rapist’… He’s wearing my alma mater.”

Bill’s legal issues have not gone away, and out of the 60 women that have come forward with accusations against him, five spoke out as recently as December.

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