AJ Johnson Fans Flood Comedian’s GoFundMe Account, Has Now Raised Over $50,000 For Funeral Cost

Comedian AJ Johnson’s family has reason to rejoice this week, as it seems the late actor’s fan base gave him one final gift. Johnson was found lifeless earlier this month in a store. The beloved comedian received a wave of love and support from fans and famous friends, talking about the impact that he had on their lives and important his films were to them.

Despite dedications from many of Johnson’s celebrity friends like Ice Cube, Michael Blackson, and Bow Wow, the comedian’s wife, Lexis Jones Mason took to social media to tell fans that she was handling his funeral expenses alone and that no one had reached out to help her. She accused people of showing “fake love” and asked that they stop reaching out and allow her and her family to sort out his funeral expenses on their own.

AJ Johnson’s friend, Michael Blackson, stepped up to the plate and matched fan donations that had already reach $10,000 with an additional $10,000. The generous donation seemed to be exactly what was needed to activate Johnson’s support group. Comedian Lil Rel followed Blackson’s lead donating $4,000 along with donations from over 1,700 fans. Now Johnson’s family has received over $50k in donations towards his funeral.

Their initial GoFundMe goal was only$20,000 meaning they exceeded their ask by $30,000. The feat was achieved in record time, too, since the fundraiser only started four days ago. Johnson’s wife Lexis shared any additional money raised will go towards their children.

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