Amara la Negra Discusses Why She’s Following In Her Mother’s Footsteps As A Single Parent By Choice

Reality star Amara la Negra is gearing up for her biggest project to date. The Dominican American singer/actress is pregnant with twin girls. Amara was beaming in a recent interview with the ladies of The Real as she talked about prepping for her baby shower and why she is choosing to raise her girls alone despite the stigma against single mothers.

Amara, real name Dana Danelys de Los Santos, is celebrating her twin miracles in a big way with a baby shower planned for February 2, 2022. The significance of the date is not a coincidence to the 31-year-old and she admits to Loni that she felt the “angel numbers” 2 2 22 are a positive sign for her twins.

Amara says she feels “nice and pregnant right now” before joking that other moms-to-be make it look way easier on social media. She admits there is added pressure because she is opting to do it alone. This has been the plan for some time now and something Amara has been upfront about since her pregnancy announcement with People Magazine in November 2021.

At the time, Amara spoke candidly about how shocked and overwhelmed she was, especially since she had just had a miscarriage in July of 2021. Reeling from that loss, she threw herself back into her work with projects like Nuestra Belleza Latina, her podcast Exactly Amara and her FUSE talk show Don’t Cancel Me, Amara. She realized she was feeling ill on Love and Hip-Hop Miami’s set in August. While she had some doubts, she decided to get a pregnancy test done. Sure enough, she was still pregnant. It turns out she was actually pregnant with triplets and had only lost one of the babies.

Amara told Loni, Adrienne, and Garcelle that for the first few months, she did experience some depression because of the miscarriage and because she and the father had opted to go their separate ways. Eventually, she decided to embrace her newfound motherhood and go it alone like her mother, Ana María Oleaga, did before her. Amara says that her plan was always to marry then have kids, but she is ok with the way things are turning out for her.

During her announcement interview with People, she briefly discussed how she and the twin’s father were not in a good place following her miscarriage. She took this as a sign that he was not the one. Realizing that the relationship was “unstable,” she thought it would be better if they part so that she could avoid bringing that trauma into the girls’ lives once she found out she was still pregnant. She is open to him being in their lives in the future but says it is a process and she’s sorting it out as she goes.

The reality str told Essence this week that while she wishes she could be with the father of her children, she is open to “whatever God has planned” for her. She expressed her openness to date while pregnant and is willing to give the right man a chance. Garcelle, who is also a mother of twins, advised Amara to “hold on!”

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