Angela Means Social Media Flooded By Petty Fans Saying ‘Bye Felicia’ After She Asked To Retire Phrase

Angela Means is getting some blowback in the media following her expressing her desire to change the legacy surrounding her Friday character Felicia. Means was out of the spotlight for a long time as she ventured off into the world of Vegan Soul Food, but recent years have seen her catching a new bit of steam thanks to social media’s obsession with nostalgia and interview sites like Comedy X Hype and VladTV.

A recent interview has fans taunting her more than usual after Means expressed her hope that people give her character, Felicia, a little more compassion. Over the years, Means has revealed how much work she actually put into prepping for Friday. She was hoping to present a complex woman who was struggling on the streets but still had some beauty to bring to the world.

Unfortunately, Felicia’s legacy has been relegated to the signature line when Chris Tucker and Ice Cube dismiss her. In the social media era, “Bye Felicia” has become iconic and has completely eclipsed anything else Angela has done.

In the years since, she scored a few minor roles but said she has never been able to escape the shadow of Felicia. Means claims that people have actually come up to her in public and disrespected her, yelling “bye Felicia” and treating her like she, too, was on drugs. An emotional Means has expressed how much this hurt her and how much she hopes to change the narrative around her character to something more positive.

In a newer interview, she revealed she thinks this could be accomplished by doing a Netflix series titled “Hi Felicia,” where she shows people more of the character’s back story and motivations. Fans were not here for it and began flooding her social media accounts with taunts about her “Hi Felicia” idea.

In a post announcing the closure of her restaurant, fans jumped in the comments with very ill-timed “Bye Felicia” responses. Some people were more sensitive and have tried to encourage her in light of her store of downsizing by saying, “Hi, Felicia!! You know we love the character and what you brought to it (you played it well). You were an awesome comedian and actress. Much love and respect to you, Angela.”

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