Are Apryl Jones and Taye Diggs Engaged? Fans Believe So After Noticing Ring On Reality Stars Finger

Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones are proof that there is always life and love after a serious relationship. The Hollywood pair have both had some high-profile unions before each other but have been having such refreshed energy since becoming a couple. They are super in love and have some fans wondering if maybe they’ve already made things official without us knowing.

Apryl and Taye began dating at the top of this year. Taye was in a long-term marriage with singer and actress Idina Menzel that resulted in their son Walker Nathaniel Diggs. Taye and Idina divorced in 2014, and he’s casually dated since then until meeting Apryl. Jones was introduced to the world as the spouse and baby mother of singer Omarion. She made her television debut on Love & Hip-Hop and shared their full relationship arc before splitting. She’s dated Lil Fizz and Dr. Dre since then.

Taye and Apryl are big in love and big silly. The duo is always on their Instagram accounts, making jokes and sharing crazy moments. This has included them on vacation, singing songs together, and dancing around in their living rooms. They’ve already adopted a dog together and frequent concerts and events as a duo. In one image of Apryl seated on his lap, she captioned it, “Stevie Nicks with you was everything❤️.” Taye has also shared videos of him interacting with Apryl and Omarion’s kids. In one, he and A’mei Kazuko Grandberry make silly faces at each other while singing, “hey, hey, do you wanna dance today!?”

Apryl and Taye know the world is enjoying their love story unfolding and have been pushing for wedding bells or a baby. Apryl trolled them with their dog announcement, making it seem like she was indeed expecting. I didn’t want to have to tell you guys like this. I didn’t want to tell you guys that, yes, I was…” she paused, and Taye appeared from behind her with a puppy. “This is Roxy,” the happy couple said. Apryl joked that all the bloat fans were saying she had in her comments was from her carrying their new “baby.”

The duo is definitely heading toward more serious territory, and fans are speculating that they might already be married. In a video posted to Apryl’s page, she and Taye sat in their beds singing the words to Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing.” In the clip, Apryl can be seen sporting what looks like a wedding band or engagement ring. Fans seemed to agree that it was time to tie the knot and jumped in the comments saying, “Get married so we can all be happy🔥.”

Other people commented, saying, “Stop rushing them to get married! Let them enjoy where they are! Sheesh!” Many just want answers and are excited for the pair. “Is that a ring 👀” said one person. Another person felt the post was clearly an announcement and said, “It’s crazy how nobody sees the reason for the post was to announce they’re married!!”

The duo have yet to confirm, but if they are, then congrats to them.

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