Ari Fletcher Declines To Add To MoneyBagg Yo’s Car Collection, Buys Him 28 Acres Of Land For 30th Birthday

Love has a way of propelling us to make some strong decisions. Attach Black Love to that and it just hits different. The love between MoneyBagg Yo and Ari Fletcher has been talked about by many on social media. Recently, the rapper celebrated his 30th birthday, and in the spirit of giving the people something to talk about, Ari Fletcher did just that.

Moneybagg Yo, real name DeMario DeWayne White Jr, is a rapper from South Memphis, TN. He was known to be in a relationship with Megan Thee Stallion. However, the relationship between both rappers fizzled out in 2019. Just as well, Ariana “Ari” Fletcher was previously in a relationship with rapper G Herbo. The then couple were engaged and share a son together. Their relationship would soon turn tumultuous when reports of physical assault and more would start to arise.

But in January of 2020, Ari Fletcher and MoneyBagg Yo sought to change the trajectory their past relationships have set for them. Their relationship was confirmed when MoneyBagg interviewed with Hot 97 and excitedly spoke on his new boo, Ari. “We rockin’, you know what I’m saying? What you see is what you get,” MoneyBagg said to host TT Torez. He then went on to express his desire to have further details of their relationship remain private, as a way to “go with the flow.”

Recently, fans were led to believe that the love affair between MoneyBagg and Ari was seemingly over, again, as it has reportedly been on-and-off. Ari shot off a series of tweets in July that stated how unfair it is for her to have to “pick up the pieces” after being done wrong. In another, she eluded to seeking “payback.” Adding fuel to the fire, MoneyBagg would then come on the heels of Ari’s tweets with a few of his own that he would later delete. Their subliminal shots can be seen below.

It appears that either the couple were in a rough spot and worked it out, or social media assumed incorrectly. MoneyBagg and Ari’s relationship seems to be quite intact judging from their latest interactions. MoneyBagg Yo is still reeling off the success of his single “Wockesha”, an ode to his love for lean. Jokingly Ari unleashed another set of tweets recently that questioned the rapper why the song’s lyrics were not dedicated to her, instead.

On September 22, MoneyBagg Yo celebrated his 30th birthday, and Ari chose to celebrate him in a major way. While others receive monetary gifts, clothes, jewelry, or other material things, Ari decided to “land” her gift to her man differently. To commemorate MoneyBagg’s official entrance into the 3rd decade of his life, Ari gifted him with almost 30 acres of land.

“What do you buy someone that has it all? The gift that keeps on giving. I’ve bought you a lifetime of income, literally. Generational wealth,” said Ari in an Instagram caption. “28.8 acres BABY! I love you. Happy birthday ❤️ @moneybaggyo The deed is yours!” Moneybagg Yo recently showed off his fleet of vehicles to celebrate his 30th birthday. With the 28.8 acres purchased by Ari Fletcher the rapper has plenty of land to park them.

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