August Alsina Discusses Relationship With His Three Nieces And Introduces World To ‘The Man In His Life’ On The Surreal Life

Singer August Alsina is getting a chance to show the world a different side of him thanks to his involvement on VH1’s The Surreal Life. The show revisits the iconic series that helped launch reality television as we know it and is back to redefine the genre yet again. Alsina is just looking to redefine his reputation after some trouble years of scandal, health issues, and more. In the most recent episode the singer discussed his relationship with three nieces and surprises fans with a new love interest.

August is using the series to open up about his relationship with his three nieces, whom he adopted following his sister passing in 2020. His sister Chandra lost her battle with cancer on Christmas day, destroying his family. “We lost such a beautiful soul on Christmas Night To the battle with cancer. I am Utterly devastated & Deeply shattered!” he said in an Instagram caption at the time. “Not only for myself but for my three little nieces, whom are now robbed of BOTH parents. First they killed [her partner] Mel, Now cancer has stolen you. What is life? Why is life? Why is THIS life?” 

August decided to adopt the three girls and has been raising them with the help of the family. August also had a pretty severe illness as well and has been battling genetic liver disease for some time. It has caused the singer to be in and out of the hospital, and according to a post from earlier this year, even had him paralyzed for a time. Despite this, Alsina continues to push forward with shows and appearances while releasing new music and raising the girls. It is all clearly taking a toll on him, though. During a recent episode of Surreal Life, his nieces called in to give him some love.

He confessed to feeling like a bad parent because he is not always around the way he would like to be.  Alsina fought back the tears, and he opened up about how difficult it is to raise the girls while managing his career and ongoing health issues too. He tells them how much he loves and misses them while crying in the cutaways, showing how much pain he’s really in. Fans tried to comfort him in the comments saying, “This is very touching ! Bravo sir.”

On the season finale of the show, however, August Alsina revealed another relationship he’s currently in outside of raising his nieces. The singer surprised everyone after introducing the world to the person ‘teaching him love’ in an unexpected way who happens to be another man. During his confessional August states, “I want to share that and honor the person that I love and that loves me back and teaching me so much about love and healing. I want to do that in front of the world because it defies the constructs that one would say love is supposed to be.”

Despite August Alsina revealing the man in his life, the singer has yet to actually announce his sexuality or the status of their relationship. August Alsina is currently trending on Twitter with fans mostly celebrating his announcement. Many fans claim the singer coming out was not on their 2022 bingo card. While some fans aren’t surprised by the news stating ‘it’s about time.’ This is the first public relationship August Alsina has discussed since his entanglement with Jada Pinkett Smith back in 2020. If you recall, August Alsina revealed his relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith during an interview with Angela Yee. Following the viral interview, Jada Pinkett Smith eventually came out and admitted to having an entanglement with August Alsina will her and Will Smith were on a break.

Despite the entanglement between August Alsina and Jada happening back in 2020, the controversial relationship is still talked about today. The R&B singer briefly discussed the relationship on the Surreal Life. The singer admitted he was uncertain about joining the show because he figured people would grab for low-hanging fruit. Jada Pinkett Smith has not publicly discussed their relationship since her Red Table Talk episode in which she and husband Will Smith discussed their marriage issues.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith were once black hollywood couple goals. However, since her relationship with August and various confessions on the Red Table Talk, many no longer consider them goals and have petitioned to have them stop telling their business. Some fans have also encouraged Will Smith to leave his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith suggesting she’s toxic and does not love him. In a recent interview, comedian Earthquake discussed his thoughts on their marriage and stated, Will Smith loves a woman who doesn’t love her.

Despite the public opinion, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith remain together. Now that August has revealed a new love interest it’s only a matter of time before his entanglement with Jada Pinkett Smith resurfaces.

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