August Alsina Still Talking About Entanglement With Jada Pinkett Smith, Reveals He No Longer Has Access To The Family

It would appear that neither August Alsina nor the Smith family can catch a break lately. Their once close bond has now been irreparably broken, especially after the “entanglement” scandal that rocked the media in 2020. It’s been two years later, and the public has not forgotten, especially with August Alsina appearing to drag their drama out longer, seemingly for publicity purposes.  

Just what was the “entanglement?” Jada Pinkett Smith popularized the term when addressing her extramarital affair with August Alsina, which he brought up during an interview with Angela Yee. During their conversation, the New Orleans singer shared that he once had a devoted relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith. In addition, he mentioned that he was given her husband Will Smith’s “blessing” to date his wife. However, the media circus caused the actress to “bring herself to the table,” where she discussed how her “pain” led her to an “entanglement with August.”

Since their drama, August and the Smiths have found themselves in more controversy and even illness. For instance, the BET Award-winning singer suffers from an autoimmune disease affecting his liver. However, conditions worsened in 2021, and fans began to worry when Alsina shared on his Instagram that he was potentially on his “last victory lap around the sun.” In addition, he recently got into an altercation with Tory Lanez during one of their tour stops.

As for the Smiths, Jada Pinkett Smith revealed at the end of 2021 that she suffered from the autoimmune disease, alopecia, which can bring hair loss. In addition to her health troubles, the couple’s relationship remained under scrutiny as they were accused of oversharing unwanted information. Then, of course, the infamous slap seen worldwide at this year’s Oscars ceremony.

Now that August Alsina is gearing up to get back in the spotlight again as a cast member of VH1’s Surreal Life, many may expect to hear about his relationship with the Smiths again. However, while speaking with Entertainment Tonight, he revealed we won’t be hearing about that situation any longer. In addition, he has no communication with the family. The singer said he had trepidation’s about joining the reality show because he did not want to feel cornered into speaking on it. Click here to read what he had to say.

The Surreal Life premieres on VH-1 October 24th. The cast includes August Alsina, Dennis Rodman, Tamar Braxton and five other celebrities.

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