Australia, England and New Zealand are coming before the T20 World Cup

6 tours and series have been canceled due to corona. The World Cup T20 is also behind. If all goes well, the World Twenty20 cricket tournament will be held in India in October and if it is free from corona, there is a strong possibility of three series in Bangladesh.

BCB chief executive Nizamuddin Chowdhury Sujan said Australia, England and New Zealand are likely to visit Bangladesh before the World Twenty20 in October.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, the BCB chief executive said, ‘We are exploring many options. You know that since the T20 World Cup is scheduled in India in October, we are trying before that. It is in our FTP, a few countries have plans to visit Bangladesh, including Australia. We, the two boards, have agreed in principle to visit Bangladesh before the Australia T20 World Cup. And that’s how we’re scheduled. We are actually working. No decision has been made yet. So far, Australia, England and New Zealand will tour Bangladesh before the T20 World Cup. That’s how we have plans.

It is heard that there is a possibility of organizing a trilateral meeting in the future. In response to this question, the BCB chief executive said, “No, so far no final decision has been taken on hosting a tri-nation series.”

According to the BCB CEO, “There is a strong possibility of hosting a three-match T20 series with Australia. We had three Tests, two T20s with Australia. Now that the T20 is going to fit here we are doing that. Two T20s are being increased to three.

The BCB chief executive added: “This does not mean that it can be fitted as much as possible. For example, if there was a place to fit the test, we would fit the test. Since three ODIs, three Tests or three T20s are available for us and Australia. So we fit the T20. It is a good preparation for us before the T20 World Cup. It’s a great opportunity to play against such a high profile team before the World Cup.

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