Azealia Banks Heartlessly Celebrates Death Of DC YoungFly’s Partner Jacky Oh, Feels It Karma: “I Feel Vindicated”  

DC YoungFly is a beloved comedian and television personality.

His fans and friends have been rallying behind him this week after the news that his partner and former Wild N’ Out model Jacky Oh! passed away following a plastic surgery procedure. While everyone is being supportive and remorseful for him and his family, rapper Azealia Banks has found a way to turn the whole situation into a dig at DC YoungFly following their uncomfortable spat on Wild N’ Out four years ago.

For those who remember, Azealia Bank’s made a rare television appearance on the Nick Cannon lead series back in 2019 to promote her single “Anna Wintour.” While there, the notoriously mouthy rapper was upset following some of DC YoungFly’s jokes.

While Cannon encouraged her to “get him back,” Azealia instead tried to destroy YoungFly’s confidence by talking about his finances and appearance. YoungFly clapped back, poking fun at her wire less braces and calling her a “lil ugly a** girl.”

Azealia seems to think that Jacky Oh!’s passing is somehow DC YoungFly’s karma for the jabs he made at her appearance and took to her story to taunt the grieving father of three. Azealia Banks claims that Jacky passing away on her birthday and in her home city of Miami is “ironic.”

“Dead at 32 exactly on my 32nd birthday, May 31st, 2023. In Miami, FL. You niggas are going to learn to stop fucking with me.”

She also says that Jacky’s passing from cosmetic work is ironic because DC YoungFly spent years “disguising his own deeply rooted hatred of self as jokes pointed at women’s beauty.” Azealia believes that DC projected “his own feelings about his own ugliness unto women perfectly secure in their own skin.”

Azealia says that her appearance on “Wild N’ Out” derailed the success of her song “Anna Wintour” due to DC’s jabs and how the cast mocked her by “voguing” in the background while she performed. She concluded with “that thorn in my side is finally out” before declaring how beautiful and powerful she is.

Azealia has a history of practicing witchcraft and taking credit for the ill fortune of people who have crossed her throughout her career.

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