B Simone Claims She Doesn’t Shower Everyday and Receives Criticism Immediately

Social media has been the catalyst for some truly bizarre conversations. People have debated everything from conspiracy theories to hot topics and beyond. The discussion around showers has been waging for a few years now. From people claiming they don’t wash their legs to people saying they do not shower everyday. The latest celebrity to enter the discussion is influencer B. Simone. 

Simone has been around for a few years now, and the beauty influencer has built a career on looking good and endorsing products geared toward helping women feel and look their best. So many were shocked when she joined the shower debate and admitted to not showering daily. Simone was on her podcast Know For Sure with her friend Megan Brooks where the women were discussing things they do that are considered nasty. 

When B pressed Megan to tell her what her nasty habit is, Brooks initially declined to comment. B put herself on the spot and said, “what? I don’t shower everyday?” Their guest Desi Banks, jumped in, asking if not showering daily was normal for women. Simone responded, “I don’t shower everyday, is that nasty? I can miss two days max. I don’t go like 3, 4 days. Like if we’re super busy, I’d rather sleep than shower.” Simone goes on to say that if she showered Monday, she’d be ok waiting till Thursday morning to shower again. 

Fans in the comments did not agree with this and began the debate on if people should shower daily. “Just Stop telling people your shower and bath history on the internet,” said one person. Another commented, “Mannnn somebody need to tell her grandma that she don’t BAZE.” Simone had a lot of supporters as well, with many saying the topic is more nuanced and is only nasty depending on her activity that day. “I honestly don’t believe everyone showers EVERY SINGLE DAY. We have lazy days, busy days after work, drunk nights, Stay at home moms who don’t get a break. Like, ya sound unrealistic some days. & who cares.” 

Simone got in on the joke and left several comments as well, interacting with fans and plugging her products. “Imma take a shower today 🚿 fux it we ball 😂👏🏽,” she joked followed by, “Go to @bsimonebeauty and use promo code ‘SHOWER50’ for 50% off the ENTIRE website!” 

Simone joins a list of celebrities who have confessed to not showering daily. Initially, the discussion featured mostly white male actors like Brad Pitt, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Ashton Kutcher. Kutcher got the most heat after admitting he only washes certain body parts. Bitt blamed his busy schedule as a father of six. “All you’ve got to do is just take [baby wipes], a couple quick wipes under the pits. I’m getting [peed] on all day. I don’t have time to take a shower.”

Ashton and his wife, Mila Kunis, admit that they do not bathe their children often either. Mila attributes this to her upbringing in Ukraine and not having hot water growing up. She says she only bathes her kids when she “sees dirt on them.” 

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